10 Slot Tips That Will Help You Win 

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Gamblers will hear a lot about the house edge and this is because all slots including Mad Mad Monkey give an edge to the casino, more than any other game. This is how casinos make money and this is why casinos are so slots focused these days. This may make it sound like it is impossible to win on slots. if there was no chance of winning, casinos would fold due to lack of customers. With this in mind, here are 10 slot tips that can help you be one of the winners.

1. Pick A Licensed Venue

Picture this scenario, you win big at a casino and then go to withdraw your winnings, only to discover that a brick wall has been put up between you and your money. This is why it is vital to always choose a licensed casino to play at. If the venue is licensed and something untoward happens, then you can always get a body such as the UK Gambling Commission to intervene and check whether the casino is acting unlawfully.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Bankroll

Sometimes when you are in the moment you can continue to deposit funds into your casino account as you wait for a change in luck. If your luck remains bad and the deposits continue, you could destroy your casino bankroll in one sitting. This is why when the good times are rolling, it is vital that you bank regularly, as this will get you through the rough patches without having to start playing with your non casino savings. Obviously, setting deposit limits can prevent you from doing this as well.

3. Limit Your Sessions

Set aside an hour or two for some slots action and win lose or draw, when your session time is up, go and do something else instead.

4. Welcome Bonuses

Take up those bonuses and free spins that are offered to new slot players and don’t be put off by wagering requirements. You may get lucky and surpass them allowing you to bank what is essential free cash.

5.  Low Paying Slots

Slots are unpredictable at the best of times, but if a slot comes with a reputation for being a cash guzzler, don’t be tempted to take it on thinking that you will be the one that will land the big pay out that the slot has been hiding.

6. Low Volatility Slots

Low volatility slots may not be the most exciting to play but they do offer more consistent low to medium wins and these can gradually build up in time.

7. RTP

Always check the RTP of the slots you are playing and aim to play those with scores of 96% upwards.

8. Max Bets

As tempting as it can sometimes be to throw the kitchen sink at one slot, you could find max betting ends your fun before it has began.

9. Responsible Gambling Tools

Use responsible gambling tools, as they are there to help and not hinder.

10. Gamstop

If you lose control then Gamstop can aid with your recovery and the winner will be your finances.

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