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Video Games and Procrastination: Are We Still Enjoying Gaming Like We Used To?

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Is procrastination amongst players because of video games or stress?

Online gaming experience transforms into an addiction. Once, there was an era into which video games with wired remote control and chip plate oriented boxes were the only source of entertainment for kids as well as adults. Innovations took place, and every year a new gaming invention was developed by the professionals. Video games have become one of the best recreation activities in life for most people, including kids.

Small children and even parents used to enjoy activity time at home while playing video games. Suspense, fund, and thrill-filled rounds of drift hunters with waves of laughter were the time everyone misses. However, individual smartphone game sessions and online player mode have altered the entire family fun. Now it is more about self-satisfaction and competition than fun with family and friends.

Why is procrastination taking over?

 In recent years, playstation, X Box, and online gaming have created a platform for procrastination. Because of the suspense in the game, reward points, level up agendas, and an overall addiction made players delay in almost everything. According to the experts, it is found in a study that players who play online racing games are showing signs of addiction more than those who are playing brain teaser games. The difference in the game sensation makes them stick to their devices for hours and hours. 

In a study, it is very clearly stated that group “A” who was given racing games had more adrenaline rush leading to aggressiveness in-game, while group “B” who was asked to play challenge games were more relaxed and had stable reactions. It is observed that now playing video games is more than fun. When asked why players delay work or try to escape important social gatherings for video games? Then their reply integrated the reasons like- stress and self-satisfaction.

What are the reasons for the increase in online racing games?

The mindset of some players who give more time to play online racing games is restricted to a specific diameter. To explain better, players who suffer from anxiety, peer pressure, and have anti-social attitudes are prone to play online racing games more in comparison to others. It is easier for a healthy mind-set to retrieve work and social life after enjoying fun time with online games than those who are depressed and stressed.

Less outdoor recreation time- experts proclaim that kids above the age of 4 are busy with online games because of specific reasons. Kids find enjoyment while playing online games and lead to procrastination due to-

  • Communication between family members
  • Outdoor gaming experience 
  • Physical activities
  • The busy schedule of parents
  • Stress of studies
  • Peer pressure
  • Social competition

How to overcome procrastination?

Video games and procrastination problems are interrelated. Around the world, the pressure of several popular online games has increased a lot. It has become a prestige issue more than fun if someone doesn’t play a famous online game. To combat procrastination, an alarm system should be followed. Some fantastic software is available for smartphones that restrict online mode in kids’ devices for certain hours in just one click. It helps in getting back on work and studies as they become helpless once the internet is disconnected.

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