4 Office Design Trends, Office space in Chicago

4 Office Design Trends You Need to Know

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4 Office Design Trends

The business climate in Chicago is in a continuous upward trajectory, with a GRP of $609 billion. A diverse economy contributes significantly to the growth of this city. This melting pot of innovators results in an average of 300 startups per year. A known powerhouse of creativity and entrepreneurship, Chicago welcomes entrepreneurs, creatives, and educational experts into its magnificent landscape every day.

If you are a startup or an experienced entrepreneur wanting to set up base in the windy city, it is wise to seek the expertise of professionals dealing in office space in Chicago. They can help you find an area that fits your corporate culture, goals, and budget.

But before you meet with your office tenant representative, you need to arm yourself with inspiration. The following office trends will allow you to discuss your office must-haves and hope-to-haves.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Today’s workforce is more aware and supportive of transgender equality. Illinois, Chicago’s mother state, actually requires establishments to label their single-use bathrooms as gender-neutral. More businesses are now providing inclusive spaces to accommodate non-gender conforming employees.

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Wellness Spaces

Stress has a high tendency to cloud an employee’s productivity. Whatever the pressure is, team members need a place to blow off steam at any time of the day. According to a study, 87% of workers would like healthier workspace provisions such as ergonomic seating, healthy lunch options, and wellness areas. A dedicated wellness room ensures that employees have a space to relax and work through their emotional and spiritual needs in private.

Some offices include specialized rooms for breastfeeding mothers. It provides a venue for mothers to continue being productive members of the workforce while doing their usual duties as mothers. These spaces offer a holistic and comfortable environment that boosts morale and inspire a positive work culture.

Shared Private Spaces

Mindful space planning and knowledge on personal interaction result in a workspace that fosters entrepreneurial spirit without sacrificing privacy. For example, installing 8-by-8 foot stations instead of the usual 8-by-9 will provide a collective space for a pint-sized enclave. There will be more space for a communal lounging area with comfortable furniture and a shared Internet connection.

When an activity calls for privacy, such as a phone call, the employee can retreat to his personal space. For a time that simple discussions or human interactions are needed, they can convene in the lounge. This set-up is a perfect mash-up of two worlds that every employee needs. You could discuss this design with your office space in Chicago representative so he can find the ideal floor area for you. You could also discuss this design with your commercial property agent so they can find the flexible workspace in Chicago to suit your needs.

Tropical Design

To counter Chicago’s gloomy weather, it would be great to incorporate a distinctly tropical vibe. Think whitewashed brick, beach wood, and light blue and gray color scheme. Full windows can also provide a source of sunlight that can brighten up those long Chicago winters. This work environment needs open spaces that exudes freedom and creative thinking.

In today’s competitive business environment, employees need a space where there are positive energy and a sense of wellbeing. When they feel good about themselves, they become more productive. Your search for the perfect space begins with a vision in which your tenant representative can help make it into a reality.

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