Travelling is a life-journey

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Like after your first breath you crave for air until the day you die, the same can happen after your first trip. Travelling is a fascinating experience from which many humans cannot get away no matter how hard they try.

Indeed, there is something so addicting and enticing about it that can irrationally shake our souls and make us feel alive every single day.

Have you ever wondered why travelling it’s so addicting?

Reasons of why travelling is so important for nurturing our souls are countless, and here are some of them.

Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone and you become more socially aware of others’ lives around you; but also it shatters your stereotypes about others and boosts your self-confidence and helps you to keep your brain alive with fascination every day you wake up.

Travelling allows you to live experiences that you thought impossible, it helps you to put your life into perspective and turns you into an interesting storyteller. You can learn more lost on the road than in school (think about geography or languages!) and you have a constant chance to meet cultural diversity and to truly appreciate human differences.

While wandering around the world, being with a plane, van, boat or simply with a backpack, travelling teaches you that you can be happy also alone. Lifetime memories made on the road are unique crossroads where time, people and place met, treasures for the traveler’s memory and soul.

Travelling also teaches you how it feels to be vulnerable, it teaches you what you truly need and what you can actually do without. Travelling turns your perspective of the world over and over, you start seeing your home with different, more conscious eyes. You start discovering what you really like to do, what you like to eat and with whom you want to spend your time.

Last but not least, travelling helps you to build true human connections, it helps you to strengthen true relationships and let go the ones that are not truly important. Overall, travelling can teach you the value of your time, the only scarce resource you cannot buy, and how to use it to maximize your happiness and enhance the emotions you feel every single day.

So, one more time, we arrive at the question: why is travelling so goddam addicting?

The answer to this question lays at the bottom of every traveler’s heart, a treasure that most are not willing to let out in fear that it would somehow escape by accident.

Thus, I will let my answer out and hope to hear some yours too.

After long thinking, I reached the conclusion that the beauty and addiction of travelling, encompassing all the previous reasons, could be write-up in four words: escape the self-drive condition.

Travelling makes you feel unique, alive, challenged and astonished every single day. When something is new, your brain gets alive, adrenaline pumps in your body and your mind gets around it to frame it within your world. In this way, you escape the routine, you escape the self-drive condition in which your life rolls out without your willing consent; you take the steering wheel of your life and you drive it wherever you feel your happiness is.

Travelling is a life-journey and luckily, a blissful hauntingly beautiful one.

Thanks for reading.

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