Kochi Travel Guide

Kochi Travel Guide: Best Places To Visit In Kochi

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Kochi is a city located in Kerala. It is pretty famous for its Port, and the city demonstrates the display of the past and the present culture with its remarkable architecture. However, Kochi is best known for its spice business, its finest harbours, one of the world’s famous islands, i.e. Willingdon Island and much more.

There are direct flights available from various countries to Kochi. If you are coming from Dubai to Kochi look for dxb to cok flight fare and check some discounts. Likewise you can check flights from other countries and book at the earliest to avoid last moment hassle.

If you plan to depart for a Kochi tour, here is a blog as your travel guide. Let’s acknowledge you with the loveliest and finest locations to stop by at Kochi.

Kochi spots, one should not miss

As we are already aware, Kochi is one of the beautiful destinations for tourists. Therefore, domestic as well as international travellers could plan for a trip to Kochi.

Below are some of the locations one should not skip while exploring the city of architecture: Kochi.

Fort Kochi

This Fort narrates the history of the city with its natural structure. It is home to many tourists, and there exist luxurious hotels one could stay in. “Santa Cruz Basilica” is one of Fort Kochi’s numerous attractions.

The Fort is also known as the first-ever European township.

St. Francis Church, Vasco da Gama, China Vela and many more historical monuments are housed by Fort Kochi. So if you cherish watching history rather than reading it in books, you must stop by this elegant yet mindful Fort.

Kaloor Stadium

The Kaloor Stadium is a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru. It is also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. This stadium has 60,000 plus observers holding capacity. This stadium is said to be one of the most pleasant football stadiums on the globe. Many teams like the Kerala cricket team, Kerala blasters team believe this stadium is their own home.

This stadium is a symbol of not only a sole aspect, but it presents many aspects at the same moment. There is an emotion of admiration and honour for this stadium. One must visit this heavenly Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Wonderla Amusement Park

The Wonderla Amusement Park is an amusing location, especially for kids and teens. This park is filled with multiple exciting rides. The services delivered by the park members are fascinating, and the food is delicious enough. Till now this place has received many international tourists as this is a stress-buster place for those who are traveling with kids.

Marine drive

Marine drive

Marine drive is the most thriving part of the city Kochi. It has a fascinating sight that can soothe one’s heart and eyes. The setting of the sun and the sunrise can glance at with serenity. The cold breeze caresses your soul and releases peace with every touch.

It is also well-known for shopping, and one can get various fast food on Marine drive. Therefore, it attracts most of the tourists, and the place is worth the while.

Chinese fishing nets

These Chinese fishing nets are a glimpse of one of the Chinese’s ancient fishing techniques in the 14th century and by the Portuguese in the 15th century. These nets are known to be a massive tourist enchantment. Each net here is regulated by a team of a minimum of six fishers. This place is informative and impressive.

This is an unusual way of fishing and is extraordinary as one has never seen such a style. One must visit it to catch a glimpse of its uniqueness.

Well, these locations are the glamorous ones to stop by in Kochi. Hope the article is helpful enough and guides you on your best tour.

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