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Waterfalls, along with the views of the coffee farm, make Coorg a super romantic travel destination. Coorg certainly wins your heart with its natural beauty. It is the reason Coorg referred to as the Scotland of India. This charming hill station volunteers the perfect backdrop, for an ideal stay in the heart of the Nilgiris. If you are also in a mood to enhance your romantic encounter with your partner, we have included a few quick tips to help you make the best of your Coorg exotic holiday with your better half.
1. Get cosy with your partner in an authentic coffee farmhouse:
Cuddled amidst the lush greenery, the beautiful homestays in Coorg provide the ideal setting to initiate your romantic anecdotes! We bet you will love waking up to the sounds of nature and while sipping up the hot aromatic coffee to lighten your mood.  If your partner also loves experiencing unique cuisines, don’t miss enjoying the home-style food cooked in the local flavours.
2. Embrace the adventure with a romantic trek to Abbey or Iruppu Falls:
 Pleasant surroundings, silvery waterfalls and the two of you holding hands together – What more we expect? You can also arrange some lunch to enjoy in the forest.
3. Don’t forget to enjoy the pastoral sunset at Raja’s seat:
Designed and developed for kings and queens to spend the quality romantic time Raja’s seat gained prominent popularity in recent years due to its excellent sunset viewpoints. Indeed, you both can improve your exotic romantic stay with a visit to the beautiful complex, and can enjoy looking into each other’s eyes while the sun rays strike to put up a glorious view nearby.
4. Hold hands of your better half and take a walk of across coffee plantation:
Coorg is renowned for producing approximately 60% of India’s coffee beans. Your visit or a trip to Coorg will be relatively incomplete if you haven’t explored the local coffee plantation. You will surely enjoy interacting with the locals and gaining knowledge about the unique and various farming methods and the techniques followed by the locals. Don’t forget that all the plantations are on hill-slopes, and you can perfectly choreograph your pre-wedding shoots, Tiktok shots or memorable moments for Instagram.
5. Camp under the sheet of stars:
To spark up your perfect romantic getaway, camp under the stars and don’t restrict yourself around the four walls of the hotel or holiday home. Lie down, look up at the starry sky and talk your heart out with your someone special. Coorg provides several opportunities for camping, with amenities for extreme sports like shooting, zip-lining and rappelling whether you both like action-packed outdoor adventure or wishes to lay down under the starlit sky, you must experience camping for a uniquely romantic moment.
6. Enjoy with baby elephants at Dubare Elephant camp:
 See off your trip with a stay at Dubare Elephant camp near the bank of Cauvery.  You can play with these giants in the water, scrub them and even enjoy taking rides on them. Some outdoor activities like trekking, kayaking, bird-watching, nature walks and wildlife safari you can also consider if you both aren’t running short of time. Never have a single dull moment during the stay in Coorg, the resorts are a bee-hives of the activities. Contact Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites Pvt Ltd advisors and get ready for a potpourri of unique experiences.

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