Lawn Services NJ: Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

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A. Introduction

You do not need chemicals to make your lawn healthy, like watering, fertilization, aerating and annual de-thatching and mowing are enough to maintain your lawn. Lawn Services Elizabeth, NJ presents some valuable tips that you can employ. Following the right approach will help to tackle drought conditions, diseases, and weeds. If still, the problem persists, you will have to amend changes to gardening habits and make necessary changes to the soil.

B. Lawn Caring

  • Prepare the area: You can follow some steps to prepare the area. Either you can use a sod cutter or grass hoper to remove the weeds and grass. Applying glysophate, which is a herbicide, easily removes the weeds. Follow the label instructions and wait for the right time for prepping and breaking the soil. Grade your soil to form a slope running away from the buildings. Take the assistance of soil testing services to evaluate the soil. Following the test results, make important changes to the soil. Water the soil and allow it to settle. Fill a roller with water and start rolling slightly.

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  • Select the grass: Find out different types of grass species for your lawn. Take your time while selecting them. Lawn care becomes easy after the selection of suitable grass type as per the climate, use-patterns and soil types. Research the species that are suitable for all types of seasons, i.e., neither cold nor warm.

  • Install: Start breaking the lawn into sections so that you can easily manage the task. Use a lawn spreader to plant the seeds in parallel rows. Now it’s time to install the sod. While approaching for the installation, start by setting or sowing at right angles. Remove few inches of soil to level up the sod with the surrounding area. Now it is time to lay the sod in staggered rows. Use the utility knife to trim the edges.

  • Water: You have completed the installation process. Now it is time to water the new lawns. You do need to water the turf just after the sowing. Repeat the process every day so that you can maintain the moisture of the soil. Drying of seeds leads to their death. The danger will be eliminated after the germination of seeds that will probably take fourteen to fifteen days.

    Water well after the installation and use a roller to compact the sod for the soil base. Water enough to wet the soil underneath the sod. Don’t use excessive water to avoid the lifting of the sod.

  • Secure your new lawn: Don’t walk on the new lawn after performing the above installation procedure and avoid for the first month, as seeds take a longer time to grow or germinate. You can water occasionally to maintain your lawn. Letting your lawn grow dormant is an optional alternative to you. Mow by setting a particular height and use a fertilizer for your lawn. Now you have done it.

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