Benefits of Online MBA

Top Universities for Online MBA – Approval and Recognition Required

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Online MBA is one of the most sought-after courses by students after their graduation. This program is offered by some of the most prestigious universities and business schools in India. It is a two-year postgraduate program offered in online mode. The course is delivered through a well-developed Learning Management System with the support of highly experienced faculty and industry experts.

Universities offering this program in online mode must have prior approval from the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB). The universities also require recognition from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) which is mandatory to obtain for providing Technical and Management Courses.

The curriculum of this program is designed with the help of industry leaders and the most learned academicians of top institutions. The curriculum of the online MBA program is structured to equip students with the relevant knowledge and expertise in business management. It acquaints students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience required to stand out in the ever-changing and evolving business landscape.

The curriculum of the MBA Online program also offers a wide range of industry-relevant specializations to the students. These specializations are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the particular business domain. With the help of case studies, projects, and industry experience, students are well-equipped with the expertise required to excel in their careers.

Upon Completion of the program, universities offering online MBA programs provide dedicated support and assistance in hiring and placement to the students. Students are open to an array of job profiles with competitive salary packages with frequent promotions to senior levels in the organization.

Benefits of Online MBA

  • An online MBA degree is equivalent to the degree obtained in regular mode.
  • Universities offering this program are approved by the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB).
  • The Online program offers flexibility in learning and time management by balancing academic learning and other obligations.
  • The course is imparted through well well-developed Learning Management System of the universities which offers the facility of live as well as recorded classes.
  • The examination is conducted remotely through E-Proctored software of the university.
  • An online MBA is much more economical and pocket-friendly than a regular MBA.
  • Universities offer several EMI and loan facilities to the students to provide easiness in the payment of the fees.

Top Universities/Colleges offering Online MBA

Being one of the most popular management degrees, Online MBA is offered by some of the highly esteemed and prime universities and business schools. These universities are highly accredited and ranked by one of the top accreditation and ranking bodies in India. Some of the best Universities/ Institutions offering Online MBAs are mentioned below-

  • Indian Institute of Management
  • Chandigarh University
  • Amity University
  • Manipal University
  • Shoolini University
  • Symbiosis University

Approval and Recognition for Online MBA

Universities and Institutions offering Online MBAs must have approval and recognition from the governing bodies. These approvals and recognitions are necessary to maintain the authenticity of the Online MBA degree.

1. UGC-DEB- University Grants Commission is the statuary body that governs all Universities and colleges offering higher education in India. The Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of UGC governs Online and Distance Education in India. Universities offering Online MBA programs must have UGC-DEB approval.

2. AICTE- All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) is a mandatory recognition for a university that offers Technical and Management degrees. A university without AICTE recognition cannot offer an online MBA program.

3. NAAC Accreditation- The National Assessment and Accreditation Council is an autonomous body that evaluates and attributes universities based on their curriculum, Infrastructure, quality of teaching, faculty, etc. This accreditation shows the standard of the University.

Fee Structure of Online MBA

The fee structure of the online MBA is comparatively much lower than the regular MBA. An online MBA is a cost-effective and pocket-friendly option to pursue a master’s degree in Management. The fees for an Online MBA range from INR 150000 to INR 200000 which is much less as compared to a regular MBA. Apart from the economical and nominal fee structure, the university also provides various EMI and Loan options to the students to offer easiness in the payment of fees.

Distance MBA vs Online MBA

While the university’s sophisticated LMS facilitates learning for online MBA students, distance MBA learning involves more self-directed learning since the student receives the study materials at their address and must do the majority of the learning on their own. Experienced faculty deliver live lectures and classes for online MBA programs through the Learning Management System, and study materials are exclusively available there. The mode of the exam is the next distinction between a distance-learning and an online MBA program. Students must visit the university’s campus or center to take the exam for Distance MBA but in case of online MBA exam, it is administered using the university’s E-Proctored Software.

Why College Vidya

College Vidya is the most trusted platform that helps students select online universities after having researched their pros and cons. The platform has a list of top and most trusted universities offering online degrees. The portal does not promote any particular university nor does it charge any fees from students to counsel them. College Vidya is dedicated to spreading awareness of online education.


In conclusion, an Online MBA is the best course for students who are willing to extend their career in business management. It is offered by some of the top universities with the approval of the University Grants Commission. The fee structure is comparatively more economical than a regular MBA. Also, students can avail the facility of EMI and Loan facilities offered by the universities to provide ease in payment of fees.

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