Top Trending Birthday Cakes 2021

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Cakes are always important for every celebration and help you to make memorable moments with your loved ones. Can you imagine any of your special moments that are completed without a cake?

Of course not, as even after adding so many things in our celebrations, we find it incomplete without a delicious cake. This year you can make your special day more beautiful by choosing the trending cake designs.

If you are looking for the best cake designs for your special celebration, this article will surely help you. In this, we will be introducing you to some designs that will make your special occasion extraordinarily wonderful. 

Princess Cake

If you want to send cake to USA on your little daughter’s birthday, then you can obviously choose a princess cake. Yes, it is one of the best cake designs in 2019. It is the best way to express your love and care to your little angel.

A princess cake is available in different colors and flavors so that you can treat your daughter with her favorites. You can make this cake more special by using metallic colors like pink and gold for the tiara that is placed on the princess’s head. 

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Barbie Doll Cake

A doll always a favorite toy for every girl. So, if you want to make your princess feel happier on her special day, you can buy a babydoll cake. Doll cake is adorable and beautiful too. Layers of the cake are stacked on a bell create a doll ruffled dress.  

Local bakeries might have some limitations when creating designer cakes. While they may take your business, do not be too confident of expecting the best finished product. A better idea is to always order signature and designer cakes like these from credible online cake shops. They work with the best bakers and cake designers and ensure that every order looks Instagrammable!

Drums Cake

If you are going to celebrate your little champ first birthday, you can opt for a drum cake which is perfect for making him feel happy. This beautiful two-tier cake with zig-zag fondant around looks stunning. Top it up with two lollipop and fondant sticks is the best cake for your special celebration. 

Blue Ombre Cake

What if you get a beautiful and pleasing ombre effect on your cake. The light-to-dark impact is not just for clothes but now have also been added to the birthday cakes. These ombre effect cakes can make your birthday not only beautiful but also give it life.

Ombre means the subtle shade of the color from light to dark that then creates a memorable celebration. This effect can be shown best on the multi-tiered cakes as they will be huge enough to show all the shades. The nude ombre and blue ombre cakes are trending these days. 

An alternative to the cake, one can also go for a stack of ombre colored cupcakes to achieve the ombre effect. This will surely look very different and striking.

Angry Birthday Cake

If you are looking for the most trending cake for your celebration, the angry birthday cake is top class choose. You can opt for the two-tier cake with a creamy background and green fondant on top along with animals, slingshot, and pigs, etc. 

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse cake is the best choice for the first birthday celebration. You can choose two-tier fondant with red fondant on the first tier, and white is in the second tier. So, order cake online in USA and enjoy your memorable moments full of fun. 

Ice Cream Birthday Cakes

As we all know, ice cream is the favorite dessert for kids. So, if you are looking for the best birthday cake for your child, ice cream cake is a good choice for you. The ice cream birthday cakes are best for summer and will surely delight your little one. One can make this cake as colorful as they want by adding lemons, strawberries, and many other flavors to it. You have to be sure about taking proper care of this cake.

Doughnut Cakes

Doughnut cake is also a top trending cake this year. You can not only get it in different colors but also available in different shapes and flavors. The best thing about this doughnut cake is that it is not expensive and you can save your pocket.

So if you want to delight your little champ on this birthday, then order this cake and make them feel happy. This doughnut cake is another way to feed your little one some yummy doughnuts from this huge pile of delicious and colorful doughnuts.

Pinata Cakes

Pinata cake is also one of the most famous cakes in 2019. So, when you organize your kids first birthday party, you can pick a pinata cake which will surely the perfect choice for creating a beautiful memory. The exciting thing about this treat is that when the sponge is cut cascade of sweetness emerges from the celebration. This makes the slice of the cake more dramatic and gives the child lots of delicious treats to enjoy.

Piñata cakes are now widely available in the online store. Talk to your local bakery about the options they offer.

Sweetie Cake

If your little one loves sweets to doughnuts, you can opt for a variety of desserts to enhance your sponge. If you’re going to embellish the outside of your cake with chewy fried eggs, cola bottles, sour ropes, and rainbow strings, you’ll need to use a fairly thick icing to ensure everything sticks. 

If you’re feeling creative, you could use the sweets to create an image or landscape on the cake – think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or the final of Bake Off. This is the best way to make the sponge even more special and turn it into a feature. Alternatively, cover the outside of the cake randomly in sweets and enjoy it.

These were some of the best birthday cake make designs that are trending in the market right now. You can select any of them and get the cake delivery in USA at your doorstep. These cakes are not just beautiful to see but are also delicious to eat. So, if you want to surprise your kids on their birthdays, then order some vast and delightful birthday cake.


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