6 Common Problems and Solution of Laser Printer

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Like of all the types of electronic devices, the laser printer sometimes occurs to fail work and cannot be delivered on a consistent result. There are three or four types of laser printers available on the market and may develop different faults. Here our team will describe some notable problems which occur on laser printers and try to narrate the solution of the problem. The solution we have given you in this chapter, which is not a substitute for the troubleshooting part of a laser printer user manual, but it may give some insight into why a particular problem occurs.

Sharp and White Lines

It is a very common problem that we have seen it on an average laser printer. Sometimes the page has been a clearly defined white line all the way down it and should face the absent of print. It may occur the blockage in the developer unit which is regularly preventing a small area on the developer roller from receiving toner.

The developer roller which is available on a laser printer and normally (called it “doctor blades”). The scrape off excess toner and a small lump of damp toner probably block the gap between one of these blades and the developer roller. Most of the laser printers are prone to this problem easily and using a small cleaning tool which slides along the gap between the blade and the developer roller.

While you cannot get any instruction don’t afraid it is possible to remove the blockage by gently sliding the corner of a sheet of paper between the developer roller and the blades.

The Variable Print Density Across the Page

Sometimes you should face the problem of print density, it may be caused by several factors. How you can understand the variation in the print density across the page. If your laser printer toner is getting low and cannot flow as freely as in a full toner hopper, so some areas of the page may get less toner. If you want coming out of this situation just fulfill the toner hopper. Now check out your printer cartridge some of the laser printers using toner cartridge and some of the print cartridges whatever remove this cartridge from the printer.

The Grey Print

If you will face the common problems of gray print rather than black, it may occur two reasons which are the print density setting and the photoreceptor. We have seen that most of the small and tiny laser printer have a print density control, either a knob or a setting on the control panel. To increment the print density setting to make the print “blacker. If you want to recover this normal action you need to increase the print density setting until the photoreceptor requires replacement.

Sometimes the Grey print may also be caused by the low air density found at high altitudes. Most of this time it is not occurring but some models of laser printer have exhibited problems in high altitude locations in South America.

The Grey Background

If your laser printer page is contaminated with the laser toner on the elusive areas of the page the paper will have a faintly grey appearance. It is not a crucial issue this will normally be caused by excess toner because the print density setting is too high. We have previously known that some small laser printer has come up with a print density control either a knob or a setting on the control panel. Now it is time to reducing the print density setting to remove the grey background.

The Laser Printer Black Pages

It is not only a crucial issue but also occur a problem. Some of the laser printers delivered on black pages when your printer charger corotron has broken or cannot properly be connected with each other. If you have seen that the laser printer charger corotron has broken and is part of the print cartridge or photoreceptor unit, normally replace the print cartridge or photoreceptor unit with a new one. But the charger corotron is not broken you need to check and try to reinstall the printer laser toner cartridge or the photoreceptor unit, as the electrical contacts between the removable unit and the major part of the laser printer may not be connected properly.

The White Pages of Laser Printer:

This will be the same problem as the black pages. Some of the laser printers have been producing the white page which can occur a normal issue. It will happen when the transfer corotron will break down or nor properly connected. If the transfer corotron will be broken you need to go to a services provider engineer who can easily be fixed it, the transfer corotron is usually built into the main body of the printer. You need to remove or reinstalling the printer consumables such as the toner cartridge and photoreceptor cartridge or the print cartridge while your laser printer transfer corotron will nor broken.

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