Personal Trainer Certifications

Top 3 Types of Personal Trainer Certifications

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If you’re all about health and fitness and the thought of sweating it out with some friends is your idea of heaven, then personal training may be the industry for you. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the personal training industry is projected to expand by nearly 40 percent over the next decade. Now, that sounds like job security!

Before diving in with both feet, you should probably decide which type of personal trainer certification you’ll pursue. There are different levels and specialties, each with particular attributes. This short overview should help you determine which certificate suits your career goals best.

Beginning with a Personal Trainer Certification

The prerequisites for a personal trainer certification include a high school diploma or equivalent and an Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR), and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification. The governing association often offers these two certifications, but they are necessary.

The personal trainer certification includes a general study on human anatomy, the development and care of the musculoskeletal system, and the mechanics of strength training. You’ll also learn the basics of conducting generalized fitness tests and recommending goal-oriented activities.

Most people study for four to six weeks, preparing to take the personal trainer certification exam. Once you pass your exam, you can build your client list.

Further Your Career by Becoming an Advanced Personal Trainer

A Level II personal trainer certification is the ideal way to advance your career in the fitness profession and boost your income. Becoming an advanced personal trainer is an achievement that opens doors in the fitness industry.

This specialized certification includes all materials in the personal trainer certification and the study of nutrition-related to sports and fitness. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of biomechanics and kinesiology and an advanced understanding of effective training design and methodology.

With the advanced skills of a progressive personal trainer certification, gym membership software, and specialized on-the-job experience, you’ll be able to pack your schedule doing what you love.

Become a Master Personal Trainer and Watch your Career Take Off

Putting in the time and money to become a master personal trainer means taking charge of your career. Demonstrating the effort to become an elite in the industry is the competitive edge that will increase the value of your time and make you a smashing success.

The master personal trainer certification includes an in-depth study on kinetic anatomy, sports nutrition, and exercise physiology. You’ll master the components of successful physical training and practical exercise mechanics for various clientele and sports professionals.

A Level 4 master personal trainer certification allows you to focus on an exclusive specialty and gets you a substantial boost in income while you hone your craft.

Nurturing Your Career as a Personal Trainer

Personal training courses one of the few occupations that allow you to further your career and determine your worth. You get to help people do what you love and get paid.

You can quickly get started with a personal trainer certification and pursue an advanced certification while building your clientele. With nearly endless specializations, you can continuously broaden the scope of your skills.

Understanding the difference between a personal trainer certification, an advanced personal trainer certification, and a level 4 master personal trainer gives you the information you need to determine the course of your future in this exciting industry that is poised to explode in the coming years.

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