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Project Management is an essential skill set to keep track of a “team”, a department or even an entire country.  Being able to manage and plan activities to an operation or a plan is critical to the success of the project.  Project management allows for control and assures results for all parties involved.  This article will list some useful project management software packages that can help you to organize your work and stay on track. As on a prince2 Foundation Course belfast.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is simple to use and allows you to create, save and edit projects at your leisure.  It is designed for those who work in an extensive office setting, who wish to prevent the extra work associated with installing, implementing or saving a system.  Microsoft project can also be accessed by many desktop applications, such as Outlook, Teamspeak, and Access.  You can even assign tasks to individual team members.  Raster Traditionally, project management boils down to three key areas, goals, actions, and deadlines.  More complex projects often use other nuances that you should know about.  Microsoft project works with MS Project Server 2006.

Microsoft Frontpage Planning and Scheduling nightmares.

fits on a single PC screen (not good in large organizations), see project management applications above, with software applications typically used for organizing information into projectable components for plans, resources, contacts and reports.

Knowledgebase Manager

This software is for making your life in project difficult to keep organized and streamlined.  Negative attitudes and habits create a ” Civil War ofdata”.  This is so time consuming and errors are high, due to the presence of numerous systems, office files, and two servers running two different versions.  When organizing this software, recognize that ” Civil-second thinking” is only for those who are only dealing with a single project at a time.  Planning fully reflects the interrelationships and interactions of all departments, this is a must for a successful software implementation.   Knowbase manager let’s users make plans, schedule projects, create databases, and view other data from multi-user and multi-user expanded bases.  This software provides tracking tools that are built into the system, which makes the experience of managing a project or your entire organization less stressful, and less time-consuming.  This software planning software should be implemented into specific departments, teams, departments, projects and individuals.


This is an open source professional-gradeML oriented project management collaboration application.  It is a continuous development that delivers reliable time-saving, professional project capabilities.  This cloud-based (etc.) application target a number of professionals who have to manage projects multiple users in different locations bookkeeping, accounting, business, legal, facilities and human resources, information technology and other departments

Microsoft Project Streamline

Microsoft Project Streamline is a powerful software development project management system that streamlines time and cost, increases productivity and provides powerful tools to manage and track projects – All with only one easy-to-use interface.   The idea is to save time, money and effort by valuing and focusing on the critical project deliverables, and providing all business support and management tools that help you, the team and organization benefit.  ByDustin numeric solutions, we have globed portion China’s own tech and marketing resources across the whole global team to increase value for the collective effort.  There is no more to buy, install or configure that other software solution: from version to version is simple and automatic, with one 30-day free upgrade.  Analyses are available with the software.

Liebacher Software

liebacher Software, a German company dedicated to software support and integration with ERP systems.  The company has innovative solutions for project management, telecommunications and finance, with a laser-like focus on excellence.  End to end applications bundle information, applications, data, and services into a single solution.  The product line includes programs for administration, customer service and accounting, including finance,: Help Desk and accounting.  You can currently choose Liebacher as your favorite People to dobusiness partners with them.


The purpose of this article is not to make you an IT professional, but what you read might give you a better idea on how to manage projects.  Though all the software I mentioned in it are powerful programs, they do require some level of IT know-how, In particular, when choosing to integrate an ERP system with MS Excel, you should be aware of possible differences in error messages, data definitions, points of implementation and network interfaces.  Please ensure that you have enough experience with MS Excel and can detect the differences yourself on the time to complete installation of the new manufacturer.  In general, though all the programs listed above are compatible, they are free of cost, while some cost money (e.g.

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