User Engagement Tools for SaaS

Top 10 user engagement tools for SaaS for 2022

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Software as a service or SaaS is a software distribution model in which service providers provide applications to customers and make them available to customers on the internet. This model is available to a variety of businesses including email services, sales, financial management services, database management, ERP software, document management and so on. To be able to measure the success of implementing this model, SaaS product engagement or SaaS user engagement tools are needed. Here are the 10 best user engagement tools for SaaS this year:


This tool can help you build onboarding flows without code. Not only does it offer onboarding flow development, it also provides NPS surveys as a means of collecting live feedback.


It is a product analysis tool capable of “detecting” feedback without having to wait for a delivery code. Any feedback can be collected in just minutes. There are various features available, one of which is monitoring clicks, movements, page views, and so on.


This is a pretty old customer engagement tool. This tool has long been a “leader” for similar tools. Using Mixpanel, you can take feedback from different segments and analyze the results in no time.


Due to its many features, it is often considered an all-in-one user engagement tool. Using this tool you can collect a variety of feedback along with sentiment analysis. Not only sentiment analysis, the feedback collected can also be combined with NPS surveys.


This customer engagement tool may be quite expensive but it is very high quality. What’s interesting is that this tool allows the use of logical jumps to customize the survey with user answers. The conversational approach given can also increase interaction.


Simultaneous data collection and translation is one of the unique features offered by Hotjar. This customer engagement tool allows you to monitor what shoppers are doing with your products. In that regard, you can even view recorded user interactions with your product. Thus you can make sales corrections better.


Dizzy with feedback being scattered across multiple channels? Don’t worry because ProductBoard can help you. This tool can select and combine multiple feedbacks in one place. You can also link all the feedback collection channels in one place, making them compact and easier to control.


It is an email-focused customer engagement tool. With Drip you can optimize your email marketing so that it can reach more people from different segments. It is an email marketing automation platform that is certainly useful for reaching potential customers by email.


Drift is a customer engagement tool that focuses more on “live conversations”. Its chabot feature is very popular, helping its users to listen to customer complaints so that they can provide better service. The chatbot can be integrated with Zendesk, Helpcout, etc., making it even more optimized.


Slack focuses on real-time messaging. This tool can collect various communication lines to a single point so that it is easier to control. Each different product can create different communication channels, so you can avoid yourself (and your team) from getting confused in processing the various information collected.

They are 10 customer engagement tools for SaaS that you can use this year. We hope this article was informative. Thanks for reading.

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