5 Tips to Ramp Up the Romance in your Relationship

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Keeping a romantic spark alight is critical despite how long you’ve been with your soulmate. Who says the honeymoon period has to end? Keep reading for five tips on how to get the romance reignited in your relationship.

Communicate Regularly

Top books about psychology say that regular communication is key to a successful romantic relationship. Make sure that no frosty moment goes ignored. No matter how trivial you may feel the issue is, it is important to clear the air each time. Letting your communication go awry is a recipe for a buildup of resentment towards your partner – and it’s not nice for either partner when unresolved issues from several months earlier get dredged up amidst an argument.

Maintaining a constant stream of communication is also key to retaining passion. And speaking of passion.

Make Time for Physical Intimacy

It sounds obvious, but a sexless relationship is, for many couples, a tell-tale signal that the passion may have disappeared. There is every excuse not to share intimate moments, especially when you have hectic schedules and kids are involved, but it is essential to make time for intimacy. And even though men are from mars, women are from venus, intimacy is essential for all of us.

If your inspiration is running dry in the bedroom, it may be time to revolutionise your intimate routine. There are plenty of things you can try as a couple to reignite the flame.

Check In

Checking in sounds anything but romantic. But romance doesn’t always manifest as a man standing at his partner’s door clutching giant handwritten cue cards and a stereo. Making sure you are still on the same page as your partner is vital, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. People change, and you need to be able to change together and adapt to each other through these changes, so it’s important to ensure you’re still in sync with each other and that you understand their evolving needs and desires in the relationship, and they yours.

Ask each other: are we still happy with how we’re doing things? Is there anything we could be doing differently? And check yourself, too: are you still expressing appreciation towards your partner? Does your behaviour reflect the love you feel for them? Could you be any more attentive or affectionate? Periodic check-ins with yourself prevent you from just bumbling along complacently, ignorant to the other person in the relationship.

Practise Spontaneity

Granted, this is harder to do when there are children to think about, but try to exercise a little spontaneity every so often. Be it an impromptu trip to the seaside or a last-minute decision to go out to a dance class for the evening; spontaneity can be anything that breaks your usual routine. A relationship without spontaneity may suffer from the cyclical mundanity of everyday life, so remember to keep things exciting and unpredictable in your relationship.

Date Each Other

One rule to adhere to in any relationship is that dating should not be confined to the early days. Too often, the hum-drum of life takes hold, and couples stop actually setting aside time to spend one on one.

Never stop dating each other, even decades into your relationship. Dedicate an evening each week to go for a meal or to see a film, to take a cooking class or even go gymming together. Keep it varied to keep it exciting.

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