3 Tips for Turning a Spare Room into a Gaming Room

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You can potentially turn any spare room into a game room with minimal effort. What you can and cannot do depends on how spacious the room really is and of course, your budget. Nevertheless, the tips on this list are perfectly scalable. You can customize them easily to fit the dimensions of what space you have. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Put in a Few Beanbags or Recliners

Dedicated and expensive gaming chairs are not required to turn a room into a game room. Beanbags, and especially recliners, are far better choices in every regard. They can be used for more reasons than just gaming, within a far more affordable price range. You can always DIY the seating arrangements with some customized decorations that fit the gaming theme. Do put in the seats before installing a TV.

Install External Speakers

The choice of speakers is highly relevant to the room’s size. Unlike viewing distance, it is true that you don’t need loud speakers if the room is small or even medium sized. We have a chart of approximation for you listed next:

  • Huge rooms can benefit the most from an atmospheric, Dolby-certified, 7.1 speaker setup with 3D sound.
  • Big rooms can also benefit from the above set up, but a 5.1 Dolby-certified, speaker setup with 3D sound should be sufficient.
  • Medium-sized rooms are ideal for 5.1 setups, but a pair of large, floor standing Dolby speakers with 2.1 audio output is a more affordable option.
  • Small rooms and 2.1 setups were made for each other!

Install a Big TV on the Largest Wall

Did you know that putting just 5 feet 6 inches in between you and a 65-inch TV is sufficient for an optimal viewing experience? In fact, maintaining just the minimum necessary distance between the viewer and the display allows for a far more immersive gaming experience. Live casino games on a large screen TV can look, sound, and feel as real as they possibly can to the real-life experience. Find a live feed on one of the best online casinos in the USA at https://www.bestusacasinosites.com/ and experience it for yourself. Rest assured that all modern sets are equipped to serve as external monitors (in case of a laptop) or the main monitor (desktop).

It is a common misconception that large television sets are unsuitable for small rooms. The truth is contradictory because of one simple reason: the further you move away from a television set, the smaller it becomes in respect to your perception. The general rule is that as long as you can see the furthest corners of a display with your peripheral vision, it’s NOT too big for your room.

Do ensure that the TV is rated well for response time though. Install an adequately sized large-screen TV on the spare room’s largest wall. Make sure that the TV remains at eye-level with your sitting arrangement. For example, if you are using beanbags, the display needs to be installed much lower, but a recliner will allow greater flexibility.

With these few tips, you will have the perfect game room!

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