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Tips for choosing a good facial cleansing

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The facial cleansing is essential for health and good appearance of the skin. There is a gentle facial cleansing, which we must perform at least every night (in the morning as well, depending on the skin) and deep facial cleansing, which is what we generally understand as “dry” facial cleansing.

As necessary as performing deep facial cleansing with the appropriate frequency is the choice of the most appropriate products to make this habit another element of facial care . Otherwise, facial cleansing can become an attack on the skin or the reason for an emergency consultation with a dermatologist. Join us to find out how to choose the products and the frequency of your facial cleansing, either at home, as if you chose to go to a beauty center buy vered lipstick.

Frequency of deep facial cleansing

In general, homemade facials are not as deep as those performed in the cabin, so they must be repeated more often.

As a general rule, a normal or combination skin needs a weekly facial cleaning if it is done at home, or biweekly if you go to a beauty center, very oily skin may require more frequent cleaning while dry skin should be spaced in the weather. Finally, atopic and highly reactive skin should not undergo professional facial cleansing unless the center has products adapted to their needs and some steps are performed more gently.

Any facial, home or professional cleansing ends with a soothing and regenerating treatment, adapted as always to the type of skin.

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Facial cleansing at home

The cheaper devices for deep facial cleansing such as facial saunas or ultrasonic cleaners make more and more men and women dare to perform facial cleansing at home. This option allows you to invest the money saved in the cabin treatment to be able to opt for the best products, achieving more than the cleaning itself and achieving what is a complete aesthetic treatment.

Those who live in highly polluted cities also prefer to be able to perform their facial cleansing at home, even if they go to a specialized center from time to time. Environmental pollution affects the skin and increases the need for these respectful cleanings.

The secret, as we told you at the beginning, of a good facial cleaning is the choice of products. In the event that you choose to do it at home, you should make sure that the cleanser is mild and hypoallergenic and that the mechanical scrub is not too aggressive for your skin. If your skin is sensitive, opt for fine-grained scrubs and don’t press too hard when applying them.

The steps of a homemade skin cleansing are the following:

  • Make-up removal if applicable and first cleaning with a product that rinses off with water and is respectful of your skin.
  • Opening the pores with heat using steam, a facial sauna or, in the case of more delicate skin, the use of a towel moistened with hot water, but not too much.
  • Deep cleansing with exfoliation. A scrub or ultrasonic water jet cleaning device can be used .
  • Application of some active treatment such as tea tree oil if you suffer from acne or blackheads, also if in the previous step we have eliminated a comedo, always with perfectly clean hands.
  • Rinse with water, facial massage and regenerating moisturizing treatment. If you use an emulsion or cream in this step, you could still apply a nourishing mask in a later step, as long as your skin needs it because it is badly damaged.

Professional face cleaning

Deep facial cleansing performed in a specialized center usually includes one more step such as cauterization or disinfection with ozone of the extracted blackheads. It is more complicated to list the steps that are followed in these skin cleanings natural salicylic acid face wash because they are usually adapted to the needs of each skin, so there are steps that are eliminated or changed by others if the skin is very delicate.

In a professional skin cleansing session, if your skin does not present any specific pathology, the most common is to follow the following steps:

  • Make-up removal if applicable. In beauty centers they usually use cleaning emulsions for this purpose.
  • Steam to open pores. If you suffer from acne, in this step you can proceed to a first application of ozone vapor, with antiseptic properties.
  • Extraction of larger blackheads if the client wishes. Keep in mind that many dermatologists advise against this step and prefer that the blackheads that have not been dragged by the opening of pores followed by the exfoliation remain unremoved, waiting for a new cleaning.
  • Clay or algae-based mask that is removed with a mechanical exfoliating product .
  • Cauterization and disinfection of pores with ozone.
  • Hydration with emulsion, ampoule or mask. A treatment with light oils enriched with essential oils can also be performed, in search of organoleptic well-being or, more frequently, an additional topical treatment: reaffirm sagging skin, reduce inflammation, increase its luminosity or give it an extra vitality by stimulating peripheral circulation. .
  • Treatment veil adapted to the particular needs of each skin. In the event that oils have been used to promote hydration on damp skin, the treatment veil is usually omitted because it has already been added with the essential oils from the previous step.

Consequences of a poorly done facial

If we have not chosen the products well or we have exceeded when pressing with the scrubs, we will notice the reddened skin for hours, although this can be normal in reactive skin without being a sign of malpractice.

If our skin or any area such as the nose becomes inflamed, be careful! We have exceeded, because the soothing and regenerating treatment should be enough to compensate for the small aggression that a well done facial cleansing supposes.

If we have not used suitable products, we can suffer from infections in the pores and a rebound in acne, if we do, to contact dermatitis that require pharmacological treatment. This is not a joking matter.

In the medium term, overly aggressive facial cleanses leave the skin devoid of its natural protection and make it reactive, or they can be the cause of chronic problems such as rosacea.

If you continue to use products that are too strong for your skin or with steps in deep cleaning that your skin should avoid, we accelerate the aging process of the skin by subjecting it every few days to a significant aggression, not to mention the risks of localized infections .

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