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Things To Consider When Buying The Bounce House For Your Kids

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Are you looking for an indoor bounce house for your kids? If yes, then you should consider some facts before buying one for your kids.

A jumping or bouncy house will not only entertain your kid but can also take any party to the next level. Also, buying an inflatable house can be proved as a long term investment for your family. Not just parties, a bouncy house is best for spending some quality time with your small family while watching your kids playing on the jumping house. Trust me this is a thing which you will always remember with happy faces.

Now, to ensure safety and to check certain technical aspects you need to follow the below things.

Things you should check

  • Size

The most important thing which you should check is the size of the jumping house. Bounce houses are available in different sizes and shapes. So, before you consider which one will work for you make sure you have measured the space and at the time of measuring consider ceilings also. You very well know how many children will use it and how frequently it will be used. You need to think about it in another way also as you might have 2 or 3 children but don’t forget your relatives and close friends who often love to visit your home. If this is the case with you then you should invest in something bigger. A big indoor bounce house also works well for all kinds of parties which you might be planning to organize at your home.

If you are planning to buy a bounce house for small kids or toddlers then you should consider the new smaller ones that are specially designed for toddlers. Watching your kid step into their bounce house is a feeling which can’t be expressed by words.

At last, finalize a space either outside or inside your house where you can accommodate the selected bounce house. If you are selecting a small one it easily gets fitted inside a garage, living room, while if you selected the larger models then you may need to keep it in your backyard because it takes too much space.

  • Ease of setup

As you are buying a commercial bounce house wholesale to set up in your own house you will want it to be long-lasting. Most of you will pack the inflatable after the children have finished playing with it and this is the correct approach also. You need to take care of the things to make them long-lasting. Can you imagine how many times you will need to set it up again and again, then wrapping it up again and again after the usage of it? That’s why it is required to learn the complete process before buying. There are certain bounce houses which have electronic blowers in which the deflating process is a bit different, don’t forget to learn it well. Don’t hesitate in asking these questions to the manufacturer or any other person from whom you are buying it. You will pay a good amount for this product so you need to be aware of its process of handling.

  • Cheap vs Expensive

Determining a budget is crucial before you start your search for a bouncy house. There are chances that when you go out for a purchase you may get attracted by some of the lower cost bounce houses. Make sure to check the material it is made up of and also the durability of that material. Often people sell low-cost jumping houses at lower rates just to grow their business but it won’t prove beneficial for you. Just after the second or third use, you may need to throw it out. It is always recommended to not buy a cheap product until you get the surety of its material. Similarly, you won’t need to spend too much on a bounce house. You can get a quality bounce house in a few hundred dollars.

  • Warranty

Well, this is an obvious point which you should consider while buying any of the products for the purpose of using it for a long time. Every material comes with a different warranty, therefore, you need to be smart enough for selecting the material which comes with adequate warranty and has good return policies. In general bounce houses come with a warranty of 3 years (dry units) and 1.5 years (wet unit). The manufacturer also provides a 30-day return policy with different conditions. Warranty will assure you that you are buying a good quality product. Also, if you face any difficulty with the product and its promises you can easily replace or repair the product anytime so there is no loss of money.

  • Accessories

To make bounce houses more fun for the kids, manufacturers are now preparing it with plenty of different designs where you can see some famous cartoon characters. There are different shapes available in bounce houses and with each different design, there are different accessories available to you which adds more fun as compared to the traditional bounce house. Even you will get many bouncy houses with a slide that can be used in various ways. Also, this comes with a blower which puts pressure on the inflatable.

If you are planning to set up the inflatable at grass then you must ask for tarp under the bounce house. Tarp will protect it from moisture and it becomes easy to roll up.

Don’t forget to bring an extension cord. Though there is a generous cord on the blower but with the help of an extension cord, you can omit the accidents which are caused by connecting the bounce house close to an electric outlet.

If you are buying it for toddlers (recommended if more than 2 kids) then it will be good to get some pit balls also. These balls will engage them with several other activities and provide lots of fun.

Lastly a small tip, you should buy the bounce house through an online retailer or manufacturer after considering the above points.

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