The ultimate list of Do’s and Don’t for a Successful Outdoor Advertising

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Different forms of advertising are available by which a brand can use to reach their target audience. However, not all of the forms of advertising will have the same impact. ROI and making the most out of an advertisement is the ultimate goal for any business. Hence, doing a perfect ad is more of an art and a great skill to master.

Statistically, an average customer sees 3500 ads in a day with an average view time of 7 Seconds out of which a customer’s span of attention is just less than 4 seconds.

Really overwhelming..!

Things are no different when it comes to outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising can be a real game-changer if it is done right. There are enormous reasons why a brand or a company might choose outdoor advertising over other mediums.


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It has become an integral part and the most important medium of advertising in any business. From global companies or a local business, everyone tries to compete with each other for this outdoor ad space.

Do’s and the best practices to follow

No matter how big or small you are and whoever is your target customer; there is a list of best practices that you need to practice for effective outdoor advertising.

  1.   Know your audience      

A great message to an inappropriate audience simply goes in vain. Businesses must have a bigger picture of their target audience in the market that they want to reach. The first step of an outdoor advertisement is to pay attention to define and refine your prospective customers.  Know your audience and know where the placement of your board will best reach the right audience.

Before jumping into creative design or marketing tactics, consider the following questions: Who is our target audience? What are they interested in? What kinds of problems do they have and how can our company provide solutions? Until your team can answer these questions, campaign planning shouldn’t even progress beyond the initial exploratory phase.

  1.   Be consistent

A brand is identified by its language, style, and color. These are subtle and subconscious in nature. Being consistent in color, logo, voice, and tone will increase brand identity and brand loyalty. Every ad should revolve around the vision and the mission of the business no matter whatever the ad purpose. Eventually, with time people will start to recognize your brand across every advertising channel you use.

  1.   Use creativity and humor

Outdoor Ads need to be creative, innovative and entertaining all at the same time. Outdoor ads should grab attention, get the concept and stick with them even after they have passed the location.

  1.   Placement is the key.

The placement of an ad is very important to the success of any outdoor advertising. The correct placement of an Ad is very important with respect to psycho-graphic and demographic perspectives. A product that targets baby care and home mothers cannot place its advertisement near a business complex.

  1.   Quantity is important.

Quantity and length of an ad is a very important factor to see the result. Longer the ad, more people will see it. Outdoor ads may be expensive, At least 30 days of the campaign is required to make sure you get maximum visibility and proper execution for a low effective solution in the long-run. The single ad is not sufficient more the ads the more customers see. Hence, the quantity of Ads plays a significant factor to consider.

Don’ts and the pitfalls to avoid

Often companies or even some new agencies try very hard to make the most of every penny spent in the ads.

  1.   Less is more

Normally having a lot of content is a good thing but not for outdoor advertising. If you’re covering your billboard with a phone number, address, email like the content, stop right there. Focus more on your brand identity. The length of an ad message should be less than or equal to eight words. People will not read long words when traveling; hence create a simple yet intense ad to keep the word count less than 8 words. 

  1.   Don’t be too smart

Customers don’t like to comprehend the messages which than 4 seconds. An overly complex and too clever message is lost due to translations. An ad must be smart but not too smart. Maintaining this balance is very important. Do not try to fetch with jokes in your outdoor advertisements. These ads are for people on move. Try to make your ads smart and messages that click instantly for your audience.

  1.   Don’t Distract

A customer on move hardly gets time to see anywhere on the road. An ad on the road can create a distraction.  An ad placed on a bridge or on a bus is aimed at moving customers. Create an ad that gets noticed and grab attention but does not cause any distraction. Your billboard should be an eye-catching pie, but should not provoke and excite them to cause any distraction of whatsoever. There is a thin line between grabbing attention and distracting. You have to find the balance for the middle ground to make it effective. 

  1.   Don’t ask direct response.

While driving there is complete attention on driving; you cannot even take any phone numbers or web site addresses. Outdoor Ads are not forgetting any response from consumers. You cannot expect or ask any direct response from the customer. These ads are made for a quick and memorable message

If you still want to interact with your audience, then you might want to consider a different ad medium. They are made to get people to look you up.

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