Materials used for Pre-Engineered Building Structures

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PEB Structures and its components are manufactured away from the construction site and ship them later to the site. They are installed and assembled at the site as per the need. Cement and bricks are primarily used in a conventional building.

Materials are the important factor in a PEB structure. The choice is based on various parameters like design, purpose, budget, etc.

There are plenty of materials is available to choose to build a Pre-Engineered Building structure. Building materials are used for both exterior and interior purposes.

Materials for the exterior are

  •         Exterior Paints
  •         Natural stones like granite and marble.
  •         Ceramics tiles
  •         Wall Textures
  •         Glass & Fiber Glass
  •         Aluminum Composite Panel
  •         Roof tiles
  •         Wood & Timber

Materials for Interior are

  •         Interior Paints
  •         Natural stones like granite and marble.
  •         Wall Textures
  •         Glass & Fiber Glass
  •         Aluminum Composite Panel
  •         Ceramic, vitrified and mosaic tiles
  •         Wood & timber
  •         Gypsum Boards


Components of a building like columns, beams, frames, and panels for ventilated walls and roof are made of steel. In PEB galvalume and galvanized steel are used as the main materials. Galvalume is a kind of steel that is layered with aluminum and zinc oxide. The coating gives a protective layer to the steel making it very strong and protects it with fire, corrosion, and rust.

Steel is mainly used for frames and supports. Steel is strong, durable and recyclable at the same time it is economical in the long run. It takes a lot of time, money and energy is required to produce a good quality of steel. An increase in pollution is also one of the causes. To mitigate the effects it is recommended to buy and uses recycled steel for construction.


Most PEB Structures use aluminum for frames because of their lightweight and easy fabrication. It is used for windows and door frames. Aluminum is strong and light-weight it can be easily recycled. Like steel-producing aluminum is a cost-intensive and very polluting. To avoid the effects always use recycled aluminum as much as possible.


Wood is also used for making low-cost PEB Structures. Wood can be used as material and also be used as components in PEB Structures. Wood in PEB is used for framing, furniture setup, Coating, layering, tiling and creating Floor Boards.

Because of being lightweight in nature, wood is not suitable for providing a heavier support loads or for long a span. Wood is not used in the foundation or basement. Wood often reinforced with iron or concrete. Wood is strong, versatile and it is extremely easy to work with. Wood requires deforestation which is very bad for the environment. Moreover, it is often coated with toxic chemicals like varnish, etc. Always use recycled wood or timber or ply to minimize the treatments.

Fiber Glass

Glass or Fiberglass is lightweight and durable. It is extensively used in PEB structures. The use of glass is done for windows, doors and almost every place where visibility is needed. It is used to create partition, doors and window frames in the buildings. The fiberglass is stable, very long-lasting, efficient and more importantly, it’s recyclable. However, as like steel and aluminum production of fiberglass is cost-intensive and affect the environment. To avoid this always use recycled fiberglass.


Bricks used in PEB are made with calcium silicate to make them strong and increase their durability. Bricks are used for walls, pathways, and driveways. Bricks are versatile and have the good thermal capability. However, bricks are nonrenewable and cost-intensive. To avoid Look for recycled bricks.

Recycled crushed rock, a sustainable alternative to traditional aggregates, undergoes processing from reclaimed materials.


The Ferro Cement is used in PEB structure which is reinforced with a net made up of iron rods and even wires which are spaced close to each other. Simple and quick techniques are used in this type of construction. Cement is mainly used for floors, walls and wall supports. Cement is strong and durable with good economic value. Together with steel, it can resist termites and earthquakes quite comfortably. Cement needs reinforcement as it is not strong by itself. Production of cement creates greenhouse emissions. It is also not good for insulation purposes.


Plastic flooring materials can be quickly assembled and are very durable. Plastic is hard and is good for heat tolerance and resiliency. When combined with other material it enhances the overall adaptability of the structure. Due to its capability plastic is used in almost every industrial application.

Plastic can be used in almost every place like window frames, floor or wall covering, water pipes, gutters, etc. Plastic is Lightweight and durable also it can resist water and pests. Plastic is made from non-renewable things and it is very cost-intensive and the main contributor to pollution. Always look for alternatives that are renewable and bio-degradable.

The final objective of any building material is to make design and overall structure meaningful. Materials used in PEB structures are subject to availability and need in the design. In this, the cost and availability of these materials are considered in good regard.

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