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The Top 5 Hard Floor Camper Trailers

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Aside from caravans or motorhomes, most of the other accommodation options are just tents on wheels. A hard floor camper trailer is an exemption. As this name suggests, this type of trailer has a camper frame but comes with a solid floor made from aluminium or composite material instead of the fabric or canvas floor seen in soft-floor campers.

In essence, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a regular motorhome without the extra weight or stress. It is a convenient, flexible and practical way to enjoy your camping adventures. Expectedly, there are quite a good number of camper trailer models on the market. Read on to discover some of the top options to consider if you’re thinking of buying a hard floor camper trailer.

The Explorer by Cub Campers

For outdoor adventurers new to off-road traveling, the Explorer camper trailer is the perfect hard floor camper to get the journey started. It has a rugged build, with AL-KO 6-leaf shackle spring suspension, electric brakes and Black Steel Wheels that ensures it stays functional even during bumpy rides in difficult terrains. Yet, the camper is designed to be light enough to be towed by a medium sized SUV.

Ultimate XTRK PLUS

The Ultimate XTRK PLUS has a U-shaped lounge that offers ample living space, enough to contain a king-sized bed and a 110L water tank. This camper trailer is also equipped with a breakfast bar and a kitchenette, as well as a 1340L storage in its nose cone, which allows you to stow your camping essentials conveniently. It’s an incredibly comfortable trailer whose streamlined profile makes it quite easy to two.

Odyssey by AOR

If you need a luxurious camper trailer that can take you anywhere, the Odyssey by AOR is the ideal recreational vehicle to get. Thanks to a durable build, solid off-road chassis and robust suspension systems, the Odyssey by AOR can explore locations other camper trailers can’t go. This camper is also one of the most well-equipped units on the market, with amenities such as a well-equipped kitchen, a shower pod with cold and hot water taps, a fridge and an enormous interior space.

Discovery S4 by Platinum Campers

The Discovery S4 camper trailer is a hard floor camper trailer with a forward-fold design. This makes it extremely easy to set up and collapse whenever you need to. The discovery is also built to handle adventures in difficult terrains. It comes with standard off-road tyres, heavy-duty coil springs and an independent suspension system. With this camper, you can explore various terrains without worrying about it breaking down.

Vanguard by Mars Campers

The Vanguard is arguably one of the most robust camper trailers available. This makes it the ideal trailer for adventurous looking for a sleek, lightweight camper that can withstand rugged conditions. It has a low profile, which helps to reduce drag during towing. The robust galvanised chassis and solid axle suspension system further confirm the potential heavy-duty use of this camper. In terms of interior space, the Vanguard camper trailer has enough room for a queen-sized bed and is also equipped with a 70L capacity water tank with an electric pump, among other amenities.

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