Classic Polo T-Shirts

The Story of Classic Polo T-Shirts

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The classic polo t-shirt has not only become a key part of most wardrobes but has also earned its rightful place in modern fashion. It would be hard to find a man who doesn’t at least own a few of these comfortable t-shirts. They are smart, sporty, and breathable, which makes them your ultimate ally to get through the day.

From the origins of classic polo t-shirts on the tennis court to their current status as a staple wardrobe for modern men, they have evolved into a style icon for men of all ages. In this article, we take a look at the iconic history of this classic piece of apparel.

History of Classic Polo T-Shirts

The first picture of polo t-shirts goes back to 19th century England when it was worn by the British Army. It was named after the game of polo, which has its origins in India. Back then, polo t-shirts had thick and long cotton sleeves and were both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The collars were buttoned down and allowed polo players to move freely while galloping on horseback. John E Brooks acknowledged this modification and applied it to the classic polo t-shirts. The buttoned-down collar look was then adopted by all the other shirts launched by the Brooks Brothers.

The Polo T-Shirts Today

The classic polo design has become a garment of choice for progressive men. What was once a top pick for sporting events can now be spotted on a plethora of other occasions. It has become one of the most popular garments in the world due to its comfort, durability, and versatility.

The modern polo t-shirts are a true all-rounder. You can wear them to the office with chinos, to the beach with shorts, or for an after-work event with sweatpants. Branded polo t-shirts are loved because of their fit and selection of timeless hues like black, white, and navy blue.

The Question Is—In or Out?

Wondering whether you should tuck your classic polo t-shirts or not? There are some elementary rules you can follow.

  • If you are not wearing a jacket, we recommend not tucking the t-shirts unless you are a professional golf player.
  • And in case you are sporting your classic polo t-shirt with a jacket, you can tuck it a little in the front, so it partially covers your belt. It will give you an authentic and stylish look without overdoing things.

Do’s and Don’ts When Wearing Classic Polo T-Shirts

Fashion trends come and go, but polo t-shirts have sustained as an exclusive pick in the world of fashion. Even though the classic polo t-shirts look fashionable as they are, you can still enhance your favorite look if you know the right way to style them. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts: –

Do: Think beyond jeans. You can pair these t-shirts with joggers, chinos, shorts or even formal trousers. Wearing them with chinos gives the classiest look.

Don’t: Do not wear an undershirt. Classic polo t-shirts are long enough to cover your body. If anything, an undershirt can only ruin the classic polo look.

Do: Size them to your height. Without considering your height, wearing a polo t-shirt can make you look out of proportion.

Don’t: Do not keep your collar up. The trend of popping up the collars is long gone, and it is not coming back any time soon. Keep the collars neat, and it will add to the versatility of classic polo t-shirts.

Elevate Your Wardrobe

From sporty events to conferences, and from date nights to just a casual stroll, a polo t-shirt has got you covered. But with a plethora of brands offering these classic t-shirts, finding the right one can seem overwhelming. You can check out Andamen for the finest quality polo t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors. They use the best quality fabrics and give you access to some of the best designs.

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