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The Pros and Cons of Moving to Miami

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While the US is known for offering plenty of strong cities to live in, there is a special appeal to the idea of settling down in Miami. This city has a rich Latin culture, an exciting art scene, and plenty of stunning natural sights to take anybody’s breath away. It sets itself apart from other cities in the US with equally strong offerings, like Los Angeles and New York.

Miami is the second-largest metropolis on the East Coast and the seventh-largest in the country. This is where you should go if you want to access all the benefits of living in the big city while basking in an exotic tropical vibe, with an abundance of beaches, sunshine, and nightlife to help you unwind after work.

But what is it really like to make the move and stay long-term? While you are testing the waters by scouting for temporary housing in Miami, here is a quick look at the pros and cons of moving to this city. This is what most residents love about the area, alongside other considerations they’ve had to compromise on.

The Pros of Moving to Miami

You Don’t Have To Worry About High Taxes

A great part of living in the state of Florida is that it does not have any state income tax. As a result, all the residents of Miami can save thousands of dollars and use it for themselves if they have a fixed income. In general, taxes are more considerate in this state than anywhere else; there are several sales tax exemptions, and property taxes will vary slightly according to municipality,

Miami Has A Great Working Environment

In the past few years, Miami has consistently ranked well in lists that compile the happiest cities for work and employment. According to residents of Miami, their opinion is influenced on how welcoming the area is and how easy it is to settle in the city, regardless of differences in culture. This culture carries into the workplace, where relationships with colleagues and employers are pleasant.

Aside from interpersonal professional relationships, Miami also scores high on other factors like opportunities for growth, compensation, and company culture.

There Are Plenty Of Outdoor Activities

Are you a fitness nut or a nature enthusiast? Then you will fit right in with the Miami environment. This city offers a wide variety of parks you can explore by jogging or walking your dog. You can even sign up for yoga classes, basketball, and outdoor gyms. However, if fitness isn’t a priority, then you could also use these space for barbeques.

Miami also has a stunning coastline for yachting, sailing, surfing, and diving; as well as plenty of golf courses for those with a discerning eye.

The City Has A Vibrant Nightlife And Food Scene

With an impressive selection of live music settings, dance venues, and oceanfront clubs, you will never run out of places to party. The diverse culture contributes to making Miami a melting pot of different cuisines, cultures, and activities. When you are here, remember to get a serving of the Cuban sandwich—this is the city’s most representative dish and newcomers can grab one anywhere in the area!

The Cons of Moving to Miami

There Is A Lot Of Traffic

If being on the road exhausts you, Miami may not be the best place to settle down. This city is known for having one of the worst traffic congestion, in America and the drivers do not have a good reputation.

If you are hoping to just commute to wherever you need to go, expect to pend around 36 minutes in transit each way in the Miami-Dade County. This number has been influenced by how the city is laid out and the massive population growth it experienced over the years.

It Can Get Very Hot And Humid

Make sure to stay hydrated and out of the sun. Miami’s heat and humidity can rise to unbearable levels, especially during the summer season. It can reach a point where the locals just move from one air conditioned place to the next. With such extreme weather, these conditions mean that people need to be wary of spiders, snakes, and other bugs too.

In addition, hurricanes and tropical storms are an issue between June and November. During these months, Miami experiences plenty of heavy rain. The duality and intensity of the weather is not for everyone.

Accommodation and Healthcare Can Be Pricey

Finding an affordable place to rent can be difficult in Miami, where the cost of living is nearly twelve percent higher than the national average. The difference is stark because it is known as a popular tourist destination.

Healthcare can also deal a heavy blow on your finances. Not everyone can afford to access all the services they need for their wellbeing. However, this is the case for many other cities across the US.

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