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In addition to having highly qualified accountants in Roseville, California, Cook CPA Group also offers consulting services. Our tax preparation and financial planning services are available to individuals and businesses in the region. Therefore, we are able to offer competitive prices, which allows us to stay competitive.

Individual Tax Services

You can rely on our California CPA expertise whenever you need it. In addition to preparing returns for singles, joint returns, and heads of household, we offer tax preparation services for businesses and corporations. As part of our offshore tax compliance services, we also assist clients. Our accountants will ensure you receive all deductions and credits you are entitled to. By offering local service at a low price, we minimize taxes.

Business Tax Services

For small businesses, filing tax returns can be a challenge. A CA CPA can guide you through the tax planning process. Using our expertise, your corporation can maximize its tax deductions. Tax breaks can also be of benefit to partnerships when we assist them in locating them. A company of any size can benefit from the expertise and experience Cook CPA Group provides.


For an audit, you may need the assistance of a CPA in California, in particular if federal tax laws seem confusing to you. Often, we find problems that other people miss. We regularly work with auditors on behalf of clients due to their board obligations. Moreover, we provide auditing services for investors and banks. The accountants at our firm can handle IRS audits and business audits.

We are honored to count you among our members in Roseville. What if there was a financial expert nearby? That would certainly make things easier, wouldn’t it? With our expertise and knowledge, we can prepare your tax return or conduct an audit. If you’re interested, we can schedule your free consultation. At Cook CPA Group, our team is ready to assist you!

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