The Most Popular Gaming Genres

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Over the past two decades gaming has come a long way from its early inceptions and genres cover a much wider range of categories than ever before – from hyper casual platformer and puzzle options, games of chance with the increasing popularity of online casinos at casino genie, right through to more involved titles in triple A games and the thriving esports space too, but which are the most popular gaming genres on the market currently and how are the different platforms working to change the perception of these too?

Online casinos are thriving on mobile – With an older audience growing with a disposable income, the demographic for mobile gaming has moved in favor of a different kind of player, and online casinos have been able to thrive with this change. Part of the success also came with the temporary closure of brick-and-mortar locations, but mobile has been a catalyst for these online games finding the success they have been, and with the potential for newer tech like extended reality to grow and for newer apps to emerge to make these gaming options even easier to experience too.

All things esports – Whilst the category covers a very wide range of options, esports is typically summed up with MOBA’s and First Person Shooters, and as such both can easily be considered two of the most popular gaming genres for this very reason. Battle Royale games were also once considered to be amongst the most successful too, but with limited tournaments and gameplay changes to some of the biggest have left this market a bit stuck in the mud but there is a fantastic opportunity for these games to grow and come back once again now that tournaments both online and offline are thriving and growing again.

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Return for couch co-op – Early consoles brought life to the couch co-op genre as local multiplayer provided plenty of playing opportunities, but with a shift to online many of these local multiplayer games started to disappear and couch co-op as a genre struggled too. This has been changing however as some of the biggest games in the past few years have reinvigorated the couch co-op space and brought local multiplayer back to life too and seems to be a growing genre trend too with plenty more options to explore.

With an estimated 4 billion gamers globally, the market shows no signs of slowing down as mobile leads the way which could lead to a change in popular genres too, but there are a huge range of possibilities to explore and offer the ability to find some great gaming options.

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