Safest Beaches In The World

5 Factors Of The Safest Beaches In The World

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It can be said that every beach is safe or that everyone is dangerous. In many cases, the definition depends on what activities you wish to undertake at the beach. After all, it is generally much safer if you don’t go in the water!

However, taking a swim, playing in the waves, trying water sports, and surfing are all part of being at the beach. That’s why it’s important you know what to look for to make sure you have found the safest beaches in the world.

You should note that many of these are in Australia

1. The Presence Of Lifesavers

If you’re heading into the water then it helps to know that the water is being watched. This means you’ll have help if you get into trouble, which can make the difference between life and death. When you consider the facts you won’t just want to head to a beach with surf lifesavers, you’ll want to understand how to support Surf Life Saving Foundation.

Consider this: surf lifesavers rescue more than 10,000 people from the water every year. If they weren’t there, what would happen to those 10,000+ people?

Using a beach with surf lifesavers is essential to enjoying the experience safely.

2. Flag Systems

Surf lifesavers use a flag system and it is advisable never to enter the water at the beach unless it has the appropriate flags flying. The flags tell you where it is safe to swim and where you will be watched by lifesavers. Businesses also use beach flag for the promotion of their business.

This means you can focus on enjoying your day and taking reasonable precautions as opposed to being swept out to sea without help nearby.

3. Water Quality

The safest beaches don’t just have lifesavers, they also have good water quality. You should be able to find details about the water quality, current weather, and other relevant facts on the lifesaving platform. This will help you to feel confident about the beach and the water. In short, it will help to ensure you don’t pick up any nasty infections from the water.

4. Shark Nets

The rate of shark attacks is surprisingly low. Studies show there were just 12 unprovoked shark attacks in Australia in 2020. The simple truth is that nets and careful monitoring limit the chances of sharks and humans interacting.

In other words, choose a beach with surf lifesavers and you shouldn’t need to worry about sharks or other marine creatures.

5. Facilities

If you are taking children to the beach then one of your primary concerns will be boredom. Most children are easily bored and, when bored, will wander off. This is when they are likely to get lost or n trouble in the water.

The safest beaches don’t just have surf lifesavers, they also have plenty of facilities that will ensure your children are kept entertained when your attention is elsewhere. This, coupled with monitoring them if they enter the water will help to ensure you and your family have chosen a safe beach and can enjoy your time there.

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