The Key Things to Keep in Mind If You Are in An Accident

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If you’re in a serious accident and anyone is injured, you need to ensure that you follow this advice. Keep in mind, that this is the to do list for after it has happened, and in most cases, you will be incredibly stressed and anxious, so it would do well to keep these in mind and perhaps even type out a check list to do after you’ve been in an accident.

Bring the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop if possible

Don’t just stop where you are as it may be dangerous to do so. Indeed, if it’s not dangerous then its advised to stop the vehicle where it is and get yourself off the road. Police and investigators will want to see where the vehicles ended up and examine the scene. The point is to have the vehicle at a stop in as safe a manner as possible without adversely affecting other traffic.

Contact the emergency services

One if the first things that you need to do is to contact the emergency services. Generally, the police and they will enquire as to the nature of the accident and then determine whether you will also need other emergency services such as the ambulance and fire services.

If you are not injured check the other injuries

Determine whether you have been injured or not. Take a few moments to assess the situation and go through a full body check, from toes to neck and determine that everything works as it should or take note, to be able to report to the ambulance or medical care as to how you feel. Then look to help any others who have been involved.

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Record the accident as best as possible

In the modern era it’s about using your mobile phone, if possible, to record the aftermath as well as the damage to the vehicles. If there’s been a serious injury or even death you may need to contact a Connecticut wrongful death lawyer and having evidence as to what happened will be critical.

Talk it through with someone

Perhaps not in the immediate aftermath of the accident itself, but at some stage you will need to talk it through with someone. The worst thing to do is to harbor blame and regret or resentment for any of your actions. For many, seeing a professional to work through the feelings and trauma that many have after an accident is a fantastic way to move on in a positive fashion, or work out the best way to get back behind the wheel. It is best advised to seek legal counsel and contact a personal injury attorney who can help you to navigate the process smoothly.

An accident isn’t the best of things to think about and discuss at such lengths, but the truth of the matter is that there  is a high enough chance of us or someone we know being involved in a motor vehicle accident and as such it is in the remembering and sharing of advice such as that contained in this article that could go a long way to helping someone through, what will be an incredibly difficult time.

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