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Top Mistakes That’ll Hurt Your Car Accident Lawsuit

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If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s important to file a personal injury lawsuit so you can get financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, auto repair bills, and other losses. But you may sabotage the claim with simple mistakes, and you may do so without even realizing. If you want to receive a full financial recovery, try avoiding mistakes whenever and wherever possible. In order to get the settlement you deserve, you need to understand some of the common mistakes that can ruin your accident claim. Beware of these mistakes and avoid making them at all costs:

Neglecting to Gather Evidence

An accident scene can be chaotic, but you cannot avoid gathering evidence immediately after seeking medical attention; doing this helps protect your legal rights. Physical evidence includes photos and videos of the accident area, injuries, and damaged property. Check to see if any surveillance cameras captured the accident on video. Get the other driver’s name, their license number, and their insurance information. Obtain a witness statement from any individual present at the scene; the witness can provide details about how the accident occurred. Make sure they specify what they think caused the accident: a drunk driver, mechanical failure, etc.

If you are looking for an answer to the question- what to do after a car accident? Then this is your answer- gather evidence. When it comes to explaining who was at fault to your lawyer or proving the same in a court of law, you will need this evidence. Using your smartphone, your car’s dashcam can come in very handy in the court. The more specifics you are able to gather regarding the case, the better are your chances of obtaining a handsome settlement amount from the perpetrator of the accident.

Ignoring Police Reports and Medical Attention

Neglecting to inform the police of an accident can cause serious consequences. Call the local police or sheriff: they’ll help you seek medical care, protect the accident scene, and investigate the cause of the crash. Get a copy of the police report—it will be very helpful when it comes time to take legal action. Even if you feel okay, it’s important to see a doctor as quickly as possible after an accident. Waiting for weeks to seek medical attention can weaken your claim. Medical reports from a certified doctor will legitimize your injuries, and you’ll need this if you’re seeking medical damages. Medical reports may be the most important pieces of evidence for your case. Build evidence by keeping a pain journal. Detail daily struggles, both physical and emotional, for doing this can help make recovering damages simple and fair.

Discussing Your Case with Others

Every lawyer advises clients not to discuss their legal matters, as these discussions can be easily turned against them. Insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and, in rare cases, jurors may contact you to discuss a case. Do not talk to them; instead, ask them to call your Florida accident lawyer. Make sure you don’t accept or return calls and messages from strangers. Similarly, discussing your case with friends and family is a bad idea—these discussions may lead you down an unwanted road. Avoid talking about your case with anyone besides your New Port Richey car accident attorney—that’s a very good rule of thumb.

Posting About the Accident on Social Media

Nearly 70 percent of professionals in the United States use social media to express their viewpoints and share stories online. But social media could end up costing you a lot if you post about your case on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you share on social media can be used against you. Answering comments on social media is not a good idea—the defense can use these comments and answers against you. Evidence is key in any lawsuit. Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters are skilled, so they’ll investigate your social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, to look for evidence that can be used against you. You should stay away from social media until your case is handled. Consider deactivating your accounts, that way no friends can tag you to discuss your case online.

If you’re in or around South Florida and you’ve been involved in a car crash, contact our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer at (800)-602-5000. We’ve helped clients from all over Florida obtain maximum compensation for the injuries they received from car accidents.

fort lauderdale car accident lawyer

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