Safety Showers from Spill Station

The Essential Role of Safety Showers from Spill Station Australia

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Safety showers and eyewash stations are an essential part of any business emergency response equipment. If exposure to harmful substances occurs safety showers provide immediate decontamination.

The Need for Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations

Over time your workplace is constantly evolving, processes, workforce size, and your operations will change. Throughout these changes, it is essential that you are constantly revising your risk assessments to ensure high-level safety measures. Spill Station Australia, recommends your business conducts a new risk assessment to reevaluate when the following circumstances and equipment changes:

Changes In Work Areas and Processes

If your business increases production output, expands its workforce, or introduces new chemicals or hazardous substances then it is time to review your existing safety equipment.

Renovations and Construction

Any renovations or construction that occurs on your business premise or facility can cause original safety equipment to become obstructed. When any changes are underway a reassessment of safety equipment and accessibility is critical.

New Machinery & Equipment is introduced

When new machinery or equipment is installed there are new risks and hazards that can be introduced alongside them. It is critical to evaluate how any hazardous substances will interact with the new machinery, and how it could introduce heat, sparks, or electricity that could result in a fire or explosions and prompt the need for your emergency equipment.

Independent Audits & Inspections

New Hazards may be uncovered with safety audits or inspections, the audit may find potential unexpected hazards that will overextend your business’s current safety and decontamination equipment.

Responding to Accidents and Near Misses

Even with the best safety measures, there is still a possibility of accidents occurring. It is important to view these as learning opportunities and a chance to review your safety equipment performance.

> Locations of safety showers that are problematic may be revealed after any workplace incidents.

>Inadequate emergency decontamination equipment or insufficient decontamination equipment could be exhibited.
>An emergency could show that your emergency decontamination equipment is incorrectly positioned and it results in inadequate accessibility.

What to Consider Before You Install Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations

Spill Safe Australia has extensive experience in installing safety showers and safety equipment to minimise the risk of incidents. We can help your business meet Australia’s specific safety requirements, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of your safety shower and eyewash equipment.

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