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How Is Anand Panchal’s Painting Stealing Attention Of People? Scroll To Know

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Experiencing the mesmerising village breeze amidst the bustling urban life is everything that people crave. We still need to overcome village life’s authenticity, simplicity, and traditionalism, where people are lively, enthusiastic, and delighted with their little happiness. Anand Panchal’s paintings try to speak this simplicity and satisfaction to the core.

Yes, today we will talk about one of the renowned artists in India and around the globe, Mr Anand Panchal, who has sparked the liveliness of traditionalism among all the people who have long been lured by it. With a splash of bright colours and a portrayal of scenic beauty, Anand Panchal has successfully embraced our rural culture but has always wondered what must have encouraged him to give light to this life in the form of art. Let’s reveal!

The Artistic Journey Of Anand Panchal

Panchal was born in Latur in a family of woodcarvers. The woodcarver’s artistic skills were passed on to this renowned artist, who traversed from wooden to colourful art by glorifying his rural upbringing in the form of colours. Although living in the verdant landscape of urban life, he loved reflecting rural colours more. 

This artistic revolution can be spotted in Anand Panchal’s paintings, which showcase rural and traditional fusion. The elements of versatility and creative ingenuity can be spotted widely in the paintings. 

However, this genre became his career’s turning point, encouraging him to explore the cultural heritage more. This appeal took him to a broad audience who encouraged this perspective, leading him to form his kind of art. 

The Style Spotted In Anand Panchal’s Paintings

Anand Panchal focused more on styles that talked about conventional categorisation. His themes spoke of the longingness, love, spirituality, and intrinsic connection that people in urban areas missed out on. However, Anand Panchal’s paintings can successfully form this connection with the ideal use of his colour palettes and hues that speak of fieriness and emotions. 

Every brushstroke in his paintings reflected realism and abstraction- making it a genre of his kind.

About His Genre- Realism And Abstraction

Anand Panchal’s paintings screamed the genre of abstract realism. This genre is the marriage of two contradicting elements, i.e. realism and abstraction. But, this does form a realistic art. Realistic art focuses on real-life captures, be it by witnessing face-to-face or with the support of photography. The aim is to replicate photographs in the form of paintings. With this, abstraction is the existence of more patterns, colours, and textures that drool in the painting without the need for any external motivation. 

Abstract realism is a sheer mix of these two. It is an abstract impression of realistic art that creates real-life experiences uniquely. 

Here, the artist does not just watch the trees, roots, leaves, mountains, sunset, ponds and the landscape. Instead, he observes the surface’s hues, textures, and essence when he reaches it and tries to curate more organic shapes. 

Art is not about conveying information with the elements. Instead, it is about conveying emotions and the tale of experience with the help of abstraction. The artist portrays his feelings on canvas, which are directly felt by the viewers of the masterpieces, like that in Anand Panchal’s paintings

Here are some of his artworks that speak the emotions much more beautifully.

The Village Chronicles:

Village chronicles talks about the tales of villages and the vivid portrayals of human life in rural areas, celebrated by beautiful landscapes. 

Divine Connection:

This masterpiece range speaks spirituality through abstract art forms portrayed in magnetic and vibrant hues. This connection celebrates the bonds between villagers, portraying satisfaction and a tone of love. 

Urban Melody:

The urban melody is a vivid description of the hustle and beauty of urban life, captured in intense hues and vibrancy. Here, you get to see a whole new picture of city life. 

Nature’s Embrace:

Nature’s embrace is a beautiful personification in realistic abstraction. This Anand Panchal’s painting captures the environment, showcases the landscapes and flaunts a landscape full of colours and life. 

Responses Of People Who Incorporated Anand Panchal’s Painting Into Their Home

People who decked Anand Panchal’s paintings in their homes got to experience vibes that are hard to find anywhere else. Using colours and magnetic derivations can transform the living spaces into vibrant and artistic spots with a much more inviting atmosphere. The idea of building emotional resonance, creating warmth in the atmosphere and taking people back to the beauty and serenity of landscape have made these paintings much applauded by people. Be it an artistic small frame for the table or a large painting for the wall above the chest of drawers, the art piece can transform every nook. 

Where Can You Buy These Anand Panchal’s Paintings?

Digital platforms have transformed the idea of shopping for original paintings by renowned artists. One example is Eikowa, which houses famous artists. You can also find Anand Panchal’s paintings here. So, your hunt can stop here as you will discover the masterpieces online. Place your order, and it will arrive straight at your door. Explore your knack for art here.

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