The Best Time-Eating Games for Your Smartphone

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After all, you’ve had situations when you need to pass the time that’s been dragging on unbearably long. For example, you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment and want to distract yourself. Or when you are on the way to work, on vacation, and so on. In such cases, time-killers games will be more than ever to the point.

Best Time Killer Games on Your Phone

So, how to choose the game that will entertain and relax you during the necessary time? In our opinion, these games should have the following essential characteristics:

  • Take up little space in the device. You may want to install several of these games for variety.
  • Have the ability to play offline. What if there is a weak signal in the place where you plan to play?
  • Have an uncomplicated storyline.
  • Thrilling action. You have to feel the excitement to break your record.

So, what games on your smartphone will help speed up your time interesting?

Cookie Clicker

This game is a real-time killer. Despite the uncomplicated action in the game, you won’t notice how you spent several hours clicking on a cookie. The interface of the game is elementary — the cookie on a light background. You’ll need to click on it to bake more cookies dynamically. With earned points, you can buy improvements for the production of cookies and earn even more. You can download Cookie Clicker on iOS or Android for free.


The game is easy at first glance, but it is challenging to tear yourself away from it. The goal is to collect a sandwich and eat it. But is it that easy to do? With each new level, your sandwich will consist of more ingredients. You will need to use all of them and don’t let the sandwich fall apart. The game has comfortable controls and realistic pictures. Oh yes, don’t play this game on an empty stomach. Even if you have already eaten, make sure you have some snacks to satisfy your hunger. The sandwich looks appetizing, and the crunch of fresh vegetables will make your mouth water.

Crossover Road

This game has juicy visuals, simple controls, and an intriguing story. You will need to help get over the way the main character — the cute chicken. There are cars, trains, and rivers along the way. Gradually, the game will become more complex, and you need to be attentive not to get under the wheels of a car.

Mini Metro

If you still like to strain your brain download the mini-metro. If you’ve ever ridden in overcrowded public transportation and wondered why the local government didn’t fix the system, this is your moment of stardom. You will have access to maps of metropolises from different countries. Your task will be to build a subway to meet the needs of residents of all neighborhoods. You will fail the mission if at least one of the stations is overcrowded.

Let these games will always be at your fingertips in case. They will cheer you up wherever you find yourself: at a boring event, on a long trip, indoors without cell service. Just don’t forget to carry the power bank with you. Time flies by on your smartphone.

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