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How to Pay Less for Automobile Insurance

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There are many discount opportunities when buying a policy. Some of them may mean large discounts while others are less effective but still deliver a little premium reduction. These are the times every little helps in our household budget. Let’s have a look at some of the factors that affect premium calculations and find car insurance for less.

People need to have no claims and bad driving records for five years to deserve the best rates. Having great credit can deliver big discounts with some companies too. Also, the vehicle insured either attracts surcharges or reductions. These things don’t come easily and you either have or not. If you don’t, there is no need to despair as there are other solutions.

Some of the Less Effective Ways

Often motorists choose to pay in installments as it makes it easier to budget. If you can pay at once at the start you can at least avoid the credit charges. Companies usually charge for these facilities as it is a credit because insurance is due at the start. Deferring payments means that you get credit from the provider. Also, you may be able to get a slight discount for doing so.

At times, calling the carrier and asking if there is a way to cut the premium a bit may help too. In that case, you are forcing the agent to have a look at it for you. They may be able to move you to a better rate or find a reason to offer better prices. They know how they could achieve this and could go through your details to find them. Early renewal may be an option on the table when you ask for this.

More Effective Ways

Mileage based auto insurance policies are very popular these days because they could cut the premiums if the vehicle isn’t used much. You could either look for a real mileage-based policy with a telematic device or check your mileage and see if you are in the higher or lower bracket. Generally, people who drive less than 7,000 miles a year can get auto insurance for less. You may not even need a telematic for this but you may need to send in yearly mileage readings.

This is actually a great solution when you have a bad or young driver in the household and you are getting quoted ridiculously high rates for it. Having a telematic device that monitors driving for the next couple of years would allow drivers to build their no claim history back and they can switch again to traditional vehicle insurance plans.

If everything fails you will have to shop around really hard for a company that likes you more than others for whatever reason. You cannot know it from the outset because premium calculation methods are very complicated to guess what the quote would be from any given provider. The only way is to get as many quotes as possible and hope for the best. Usually people find a way to save money if they try hard and search high and low.

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