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The Best Exterior Wall Color Combinations You Cannot Go Wrong With

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Finding the right colors for your house exteriors can be tedious because you’ve to ensure the chosen color aligns perfectly with the architectural features and exudes your personal taste. Moreover, the color selection will determine whether visitors have an excellent first impression of your house or not. Luckily, some color combinations go exceptionally well on all types of house exteriors.

So if you’re clueless about what colors to choose for your exterior walls, this guide will clear all your doubts. After talking to various industry experts, we’ve curated the list of the best color combinations that you cannot go wrong with. So let’s quickly check the list of exterior wall color combination shared below and pick your favorite option.

  • Brown & Cream

If you like to give your house exteriors a subtle and earthy look, brown and cream should be your choice. Dark brown signifies stability and is not too hard on the eyes. And the best part about the dark brown shade is that it blends seamlessly with the cream color, giving the exteriors a balanced look. You can consider replacing dark brown with the brown walnut shade, honey brown shade, or chocolate brown shade. All these shades will look excellent with cream.

  • Dark Blue, Bluish White, & Grey

Homeowners who love adding beautiful splashes of colors to their home walls will certainly like this combination. If your house exteriors have the structural features of a villa, you should choose this soothing and aesthetic color palette. To make your house exteriors stand out, consider painting the house’s base bluish white.

It will perfectly complement a dark blue color applied on the roof. To add more contrast to your house aesthetics, get the windows and doors painted with a beautiful wooden brown. This combination is a well-thought-off shade scheme that looks stunning on most urban house exteriors.

  • Green & Off-White

Adding nature-inspired colors to your house exteriors can never be a wrong decision. You can either paint your house exterior with various shades of green from royale play design or pair it with an off-white color. Green represents freshness and gives a visually appealing look to the exterior walls.

The combination of white and green is soothing and offers a fresh look to the house. If you want to add more beautiful characters to the exteriors, consider adding textured green paint to the exteriors. You should consult a professional to get personalized suggestions for the best looks.

  • Brown, White, & Grey

One of the best color combinations for modern houses featuring intricate architectural features is brown, white, and grey. White has always been used for house exteriors as a dominant shade with dark grey. A brown-colored roof paired with white and grey walls gives the house an inviting and earthy look.

Although it is considered a winning color combination for most traditional and modern houses, you can choose to make changes to the colors in this palette. However, try adding subtle colors that align beautifully with the rest.

  • Maroon & Cream

Want your house exteriors to flaunt a unique color combination? If yes, maroon and cream should be your go-to option. While maroon is typically used on exposed brick walls in India, breaking the mold and trying something new is always good. You can consider going for a half-and-half color scheme wherein the top of your house is painted maroon and the bottom with cream. Not many homes use such color schemes, so you can easily stand out from the rest.

Getting the house painted is a personal choice and should reflect the taste and preference of the people staying in it. So instead of hurrying with the color selection, give time to researching the best colors for your exterior walls or pick one from the list above.

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