Best ways to remove snow from sidewalks or driveways

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People living in areas with snowfall often find it difficult to remove snow from entrances or driveways. It is a tough job to clear sidewalks or passage before you could walk easily.

We will discuss how this tedious job can be eased and how the time required for clearing snow can be reduced. This can either be done using a simple shovel made for removing snow or using some automated blowers. This section will cover some ways by which you can ease this hard job.


The most common method for clearing snow out of the path is by shoveling it manually. Several models are available in the market for the shovel; you can choose the one according to the need. You can either do it twice or thrice a day or set specific time intervals depending upon the frequency of snowfall.

The leaf blower

You might be wondering what a leaf blower will do in the winter season with snowfall. That’s perfectly all right on your part but, the leaf blower helps clear away light & fluffy snow. It will somewhat ease the shoveling process and reduce the amount of strength you would require.

The vacuum

It could also be a great idea to use a vacuum cleaner for sucking the snow up and dumping it somewhere else. This you can also use the other way round by shifting the housing to exhaust’s side. That shifting will directly blow the snow away while clearing the path.

The advanced snow blowers

Technological advancements have led to the development of smart snow blowers that are completely automatic. These kinds of snow blowers offer fully automatic functioning and come with steering control. They can easily tackle a large amount of snow and reduces the time taken to clear snow from hours to minutes. Snow blowers could be the best option when it comes to effectiveness, ease of use, and durability.

What factors you should consider while going to buy a snow blower?

So far, we have seen if the snow is heavy then it is a good choice to purchase a snow blower for the long term. But it would be great if you do proper research on some points to get home the one that suits you.

  • Area you want to clear?

Keep this thing in mind that how much area you want to clear. For small driveways, snow blowers with a single-stage unit will be good.

  • Depth of snow

How deep the snow is? It is also the most important question that you need to answer before buying the right snow blower. Generally for up to 8 inches of snow, a single-stage blower is perfect. If this number is on the higher side then you have to choose a two-stage or three-stage snow blower accordingly.

  • Type of snow

This is another factor which is of importance for choosing the correct snow blower type. If the snow is light then single-stage is perfect. Whereas if you find snow wet & heavy, then opt for a two-stage or three-stage snow blower.

What are the advantages of snow blowers?

You have gone through the section that dealt with the type of snow blower that will be best for you. Let us put some light on the advantages of snow blowers.

  • Excellent clearing ability

Powerful engines present in snow blowers make them perfect for clearing all types of snow while reducing human effort.

  • Terrain compatibility

If chosen correctly, snow blowers deliver perfect traction capability in all conditions. Whether the surface is level or sloped, it will get you covered for all.

  • Great maneuverability

Most snow blower models come with power steering that enhances control and assist in delivering better performance.

  • User-friendly control panel

These snow blowers are simple to operate and feature easy controls, be it chute or speed. They are also equipped with headlights for assuring clear visibility while working.

If you find it feasible, then we will suggest you get one snow blower that is perfect for you. A lot of options are there in the market in terms of models, technology, mechanical factors, and budget as well. It will not only save time while clearing the snow but will also reduce your effort required for this job.


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