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The Attractions You Will Find At A Kids Adventure Park 

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Adventure parks are popular venues for children’s birthday parties and other celebrations. They contain a whole host of attractions designed to excite (and ultimately wear out) hyperactive young folks. Here are some of the most popular adventure park attractions to be found at most venues in the United States of America.

Laser Tag

Laser tag was invented after its inventor George Carter III watched Star Wars and wanted to recreate the battle scenes. He opened his first laser tag arena in 1984. Kids have been flocking to play the game ever since, and most adventure parks contain some form of laser tag for customers to use. Laser tag arenas have a definite aesthetic – largely based on science fiction B movie backdrops. This gives them an unmistakably nostalgic air. Laser tag is fun, safe, and addictive.

Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks first started to appear in the 1980s and quickly became an international sensation. These parks – which are often included within adventure parks – are composed of many interconnecting trampolines interspersed with foam pits and obstacles. Kids can bounce, flail, and fall to their hearts’ content in these zones, which are also sometimes used for the playing of that most 90s of sports – slamball. Trampoline parks are often the main attraction of an adventure park.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls first started to appear in the 1960s – after the first examples were built in the United Kingdom. Climbing walls offer rock climbers and boulderers the opportunity to test their skills before heading out to quarries and cliffs. Far from being simple training facilities, climbing walls have become attractions in their own right. Indoor climbing can be extremely fun and challenging – making it a perfect activity for hyperactive children at a party. Most adventure parks contain some form of climbing wall or climbing ‘mountain’. All climbing wall facilities have to be staffed by people familiar with pediatric first aid and climbing in general.

Ropes Courses

Human beings are descended from apes, and sometimes we like to get up into the canopies and swing with freedom just like our primate forebears. Urbanair, one of the best kids birthday party places in Manchester, contains an extensive aerial ropes course in which kids can experience simian freedom in complete safety. Rope courses are no longer the preserve of Army training centers: they are now accepted as recreational facilities.

Obstacle Courses

The rise in popularity of shows like Sasuke, American Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout has led to the creation of incredible indoor obstacle courses. Many adventure parks have obstacle courses built especially for smaller people. Kids can jump, tumble, roll and swing their way through challenging – and most of all fun – obstacles. Nothing beats the feeling of using physics to your advantage while falling and failing with gleeful abandon. Kids can fall safely thanks to padded floors and plenty of trained staff. Obstacle courses do not have to be competitive. Instead, they can be used as first-rate playgrounds.

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