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The advantages of a transportable Kiwi architecturally designed eco-friendly portable home

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Buying a home can be an expensive business, it does not always have to be that way. There are those that may have a small plot of land or have relatives with acres to spare. Just imagine being able to build on it, but what about the costs that will be involved as well as the hassle?

Well, all that can be taken care of when getting in touch with a company that can provide portable cabins in NZ which are just as good as a house, and what’s more they will follow the whole process from start to finish so that in no time at all a house can be assembled in a prefabricated facility and delivered to where it will be positioned. All along with connection to the required and agreed utility services.

The purchase of an eco-friendly home is perfect for anyone who cares about the environment. Over 1,000 Kiwis who have gone down this route obviously do, as well as the affordable value for money, that the investment provides. They are built from sustainable materials as waste reduction is carefully considered in their design.

Because they arrive insulated, further money will be saved as soon as the bills start to arrive. There’s even the opportunity to add solar panels to reduce further outlay. The money saved compared to the purchase and ownership of a traditional home is immense and has other benefits such as being able to move it to another site if a better option becomes available.

Receiving a 10-year builder’s warranty as well as providing a 50-year lifetime ensures peace of mind that it is built to last and will withstand the elements and the temperamental weather that hits both islands from time to time. The finest pine in the country is used along with aluminium-framed double-glazed windows, meaning that the structure is of the highest quality.

A range of different styles and sizes are available with the installers offering huge flexibility so that all requirements can be adapted into the design. The finest architectural skills go into that presentation so that they are aesthetically pleasing and will fit perfectly in any surroundings. The experts that build the pods and carry out the installation of decades of experience to overcome any snags.

An eco-friendly prefabricated portable house provides a perfect home for those wanting value for money without compromising on style or substance.

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