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Tech Recruitment Marketing: How to Do it Effectively! 

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Undoubtedly, the last 2 years were difficult for the entire world. However, he pandemic’s negative effects also opened new opportunities as it altered how businesses operate! The topic of discussion suddenly shifted to remote hiring, and the popularity of remote work grew after the outbreak, along with the necessity of online recruitment tools for coding assessment tests and interviews. Remote hiring offers people and businesses a wide range of advantages and flexibility.

To simplify hiring faster, IT Recruiter’s bible to hiring tech talent solutions like applicant tracking systems,  coding skill tests, recruiting CRM software, and others enter the picture. Additionally, effective talent acquisition software gives your recruiting team a recruitment marketing platform so they can find, engage, and hire the most qualified individuals quickly.

This blog will examine tech recruitment’s definition and marketing strategies.

Tech Recruitment: What is it? 

For IT and technical roles, tech recruitment includes finding, attracting, screening, engaging, and employing talent. To communicate with technical personnel, recruiters must possess the necessary technical expertise. To achieve practical technical recruitment goals, tech recruiters typically use a discovery-and-evaluation-and-presentation strategy to recruit.

Recruiters and hiring teams now greatly benefit from AI-powered recruiting technologies, such as GovCon application tracking platforms, remote coding test tools, and recruiting CRM. This programme for recruitment automation also aids in recruiting marketing.

Marketing Techniques for Tech Recruitment to Watch in 2023

Tech recruiters use tech recruitment marketing to get ready to find, attract, engage, and hire prospects for tech openings. The best tech recruiting marketing strategies are listed here, which you may use to find qualified candidates.

Two key competencies are required for tech recruiters: interpersonal skills and technical expertise specific to the position. In addition to these two essential competencies, recruiters need to understand the strategic approach to marketing their tech recruitment to hire top talent.

An Innovative Careers Page is Important.

Nowadays, practically every applicant reviews a company’s website before applying. According to a poll by HR Dive, 61% of job seekers examine company websites before applying. Recruiters must add engaging information to the website’s career page.

Recruiters can be inventive and post videos of current employees praising the company’s great workplace culture. They might also include enjoyable memories of outings or trips the group has taken. The company’s culture can be effectively communicated through a career portal. To attract competent IT talent, the website’s design is crucial. An overview of the company’s ideals can be found on its blog page, which is a terrific resource. Recruiters might submit these blog posts to candidates to demonstrate the caliber of the organization.

Promote Your Employer’s Brand Efficiently

According to a Glassdoor survey, 69% of job searchers consider a company’s reputation important and would not accept a job offer from one with a poor reputation. Surprisingly, 84% of respondents said they would think about quitting their current positions if a better opportunity came with a reputable organization. Therefore, it is crucial for any company to project a positive image to draw in and retain top talent. Candidates applying for jobs may read reviews about your company on review sites, so recruiters might urge current employees to post positive comments about it.

Participate In Regional and Global Tech Communities

Companies must attend social gatherings where IT talent is known to congregate. In this manner, the business can better connect with its target market and raise brand awareness.

Organize Tech Events in Person or Online

Tech talent can join these instructive and instructional events by inviting recruiters to organize local and online tech fairs. These online or in-person events are crucial for IT recruiters and businesses to expand and solidify their network, which they can use to hire the best candidates. IT recruiters can host online or hybrid career events using web technologies to engage with tech talent.

Make Engaging Programmes for Employee Recommendations

Skilled people know other skilled people! This line is unquestionably true. An online resource for employers called Recruiter conducted a study that revealed Employer referral programmes could result in hiring cost savings of $3,000 or more! Recruiters and employers must set up employee referral programmes by offering rewards and bonuses to individuals who suggest qualified applicants to the business. Employers must also remember that they must keep employee referrals open and transparent for the employees.

Create Effective Social Recruitment Sources

As most tech professionals utilize social media, social recruiting has become a hot topic. According to CareerArc, 86% of job searchers utilize social media in their job hunt to look for appropriate positions, apply for positions directly from social media sites, and interact with content about jobs. To reach a wide pool of people, recruiters must develop practical techniques for social media and job boards. Tech assessment platforms for coding tests online may be employed to make this strategy more effective.


The hiring sector has undergone an exponential transformation with the rapid advancement of technology. Using the appropriate method to publicize your employment effectively is indeed crucial. You may draw in a wide range of candidates by using recruitment marketing.  Yaksha is a one-stop tech assessment platform that assists recruiters with role-specific assessments for deploying, hiring, and upskilling new and existing tech employees, respectively. They provide HR and L&D solutions such as campus hiring, talent screening onboarding solutions, employee engagement, interview as a service, and internal job movement.

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