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5 Reasons Why Including PMP on Your Resume Can Boost Your Career 

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PMP Certification is one of the most valued Project Management certifications recognised by organisations worldwide. By obtaining a PMP Certification, you will have an advantage over other applicants applying for the same Project Management role.

There is a massive demand for Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification holders for their proven expertise in handling projects exceptionally well. As PMP-certified professionals, the project managers can expect a 16% higher median salary than other non-certified Project Managers.

If you are applying for a Project Management interview, ensure that your resume stands out from the other applicants. You can also refer to the PMP Interview Questions to understand what the top companies expect from certified PMP professionals.

Table of Content

  1. Understanding PMP Certification
  2. How will PMP Certification on your resume boost your career?
  3. Conclusion

Understanding PMP Certification  

PMP Certification is an internationally recognised and leading Project Management certification designed and managed by PMI (Project Management Institute). PMP certification validates a candidate’s potential to manage the project within the set framework of the project.

It helps individuals to develop skills and techniques to manage projects of any size and scale. They are trained to ensure effective outcomes according to the agreed or set norms of the parties involved or the organisation.

A PMP professional’s knowledge and talent will be tested based on the standard guide named PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). A PMP-certified professional must be educated, talented, skilled, and professional enough to complete the project within the set time while utilising the estimated resources and the budget.

There are plenty of benefits for professionals who obtain a PMP certification. Regardless of the difficulty, it is advised that you acquire a Project Management certificate, such as a PMP Certification, to boost your career in Project Management. Let us look at how obtaining a PMP certification can be significant for your career development.

How will PMP Certification on your resume boost your career? 

Once you have understood what a PMP Certification is and its importance in Project Management jobs, you will realise why it is essential to include this certification in your resume.

The five crucial reasons for acquiring a PMP certificate and including it on your resume boost your career.

Adds credibility and value to your resume 

Employers in every industry are selective when choosing and finalising candidates for the interview and the job. Adding a credential like a PMP certificate will boost your chances of getting shortlisted for the job.

A PMP Certification will increase your credibility and highlight your skills in handling a project confidently. It gives an impression to the employer that you are an aspiring candidate and may have hands-on experience handling projects.

Adding a PMP Certification to your resume will make you a distinguished candidate and help you stand out. Including a PMP Certification in your resume will validate your potential to manage the projects with expertise, increasing the likelihood of being shortlisted among the other competitors.

Help you get better recognised by industries 

Do you know what industries always try to look into a candidate?

They obviously would look out if the employee can turn out to be their asset, to serve the company long-term with high-grade results without compromising quality. They will look if you possess the skillset, they want to get the job done within the set constraints.

As PMP Certification is a well-respected and globally recognised certificate, adding it to your resume will naturally bring you to good terms with your employer. Therefore, your employer can trust you to start and finish the project professionally.

Demonstrates your dedication 

Acquiring a PMP Certification may seem to be a little complex, but it is a rewarding process. The cost you bear, the time you spent and managed to attend the classes to prepare for the PMP exams to achieve a certificate, shows your dedication towards your career. These exertions show your seriousness in upgrading your skills as a Project Management professional.

The efforts to improve your skills to match the speed of the upgrades and evolution in your field prove your commitment to your job. An employer is bound to give thought to look into your dedication made towards achieving a credential to prove your point.

Validates your Project Management skills 

The PMP credential will help you to get exposed to different fundamental areas of a Project Management process. This certification is designed to suit the current trends and the best Project Management practices that are evolving rapidly.

A Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate will validate your skills and expertise in utilising Project Management techniques, tools, and overall management qualities. The PMP certification broadens your horizons, helping you to refine your skills and guiding you to keep up with the latest developments.

Increases your earning potential  

Another added advantage of acquiring a PMP Certification is that it will help you earn a higher salary than those who have not acquired a certificate. According to a recent survey – Earning Power by PMI, PMP Certification holders globally can expect to earn a 16% higher median salary compared to those who do not possess a certification.

The salaries offered by the companies could vary based on the location you are applying for. For instance, if you are being offered a Project Management job in the USA, the chances are that you can expect up to 32% higher salary by obtaining a PMP Certification.


A PMP certificate is worth more than obtaining a higher salary and other benefits mentioned in this blog. You can expect your job to be safe during downtimes and look ahead to be part of a promising career. Hopefully, the benefits discussed in this blog for including a PMP certificate in your resume should give you an idea of how effective this certificate is to your career development in Project Management.

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