Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

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Every happy couple will likely imagine their loved ones dancing, laughing, and having fun at their wedding reception. However, the wrong music and atmosphere might result in your guests remaining in their seats.

Look for ways to encourage your nearest and dearest to strut their stuff on your big day. Check out these five sure-fire ways to get wedding guests on the dance floor.

  • Choose the Right Wedding Entertainment

The wedding entertainment you pick will determine your reception’s atmosphere, which is why you must choose wisely. The right act will make your guests feel comfortable enough to abandon their seats and move their bodies on the dance floor.

Take your pick from fantastic wedding entertainment acts at, as it offers everything from retro-style bands to pop or soul groups. You are bound to find a band that matches both your personalities, as you can choose from various genres and time periods, such as the 80s, rock ‘n’ roll, or swing bands, to name just a few options.

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  • Perfectly Position Your Wedding Band

If your venue allows, ensure the wedding band is positioned directly in front of the dance floor. It will convince your loved ones to get up on their feet to have fun and support the talented performers on stage. If they are located on the opposite side of the room, your guests will be less likely to bust a move.

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  • Spend Time on the Dancefloor Together

Guests will want to have some fun with the bride and groom, which is why you should both hit the dance floor as soon as possible. Your presence will change the atmosphere in the room, as your loved ones will know it is okay to start dancing.

  • Incorporate Dance Floor Props

Once your nearest and dearest are pulling out their best moves to the music, you should hand out fun dance floor props, such as:

  • Inflatable air guitars and microphones
  • Oversized glasses
  • LED wands and bracelets
  • Maracas
  • Wigs and hats
  • Masks

You can guarantee the colorful, fun props will convince guests to venture over to the dance floor, and they are sure to be a big hit with younger guests.

  • Take Song Requests in Advance

Another option is to allow your guests to make song requests in advance. You can guarantee they will be listening out for their favorite track, and they will run to the dance floor once they hear it. It is a sure-fire way to get people moving on the dance floor, and it will ensure they look back on the day with a huge smile. Plus, it will prevent your wedding band or singer from being flooded with song requests during the reception.

Do not look back on your big day with any regrets and find ways to encourage your guests onto the dance floor. So, swap a standard playlist for a live wedding band, incorporate fun props, and ensure you and your other half spend much time strutting your stuff.

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