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The book gives knowledge from the general cycle beginning to end of using time productively expected for sustaining the human cerebrum to develop as a decent individual on this human planet. There is no alternate way to progress aside from difficult work. Subsequently start to finish using time productively is my valuable assortment of abilities expected for the best time usage pieces of information that are expected to manage our pointless time squandering minutes, that garbage our brain and worrying away our valuable efficiency activities for our life development.

The host, Pardeep K Sahu is a certified Journalism and Mass Comm. proficient. Functioned as Ad Copy Writer for different promoting offices. Additionally worked for corporate correspondence for NGO of global notoriety till 2019.

Because of crown lockdown, wrote over three books. One on brain science under the standard of “Neuro Plasticity” and two volumes on mysticism under the pennant of “Inward Voice”. All books are distributed and promoted across the globe by Amazon. Meanwhile, my many year’s old word references named “Expression” prepared to arrive at English composing expertise engineers which is the need of great importance as the crown pandemic requested virtual correspondence as the private conversation becomes the issue of yanks.

Internal VOICE

Practice listening to the Intuitive voice of your spirit ‘Internal VOICE’ is about the training to hear and see the natural language of the spirit. Like the maker of this universe, and all of His creation like air and fire, hotness and cool, constantly, smell and scent, and so forth are not apparent, yet all the same just reasonable. In the same way, God has covered a gadget inside our body (Like GPS), through which He keeps everyday records of all living beings on His lord’s PC. As needs are remunerated and rebuff us for our spiritualistic and wicked karmic activities. Through these minuscule stories, I attempted to clarify how we can carry on with a cheerful and tranquil life following His powerful standards. In this exceptionally materialistic age, individuals failed to remember what our identity is?

Where do we come from? What is the motivation behind our life? Also where we are going towards? Why a person is driving and experiencing the full, misleading way of life? Why carelessly and aimlessly pursue material riches, as decently realizes that we arrived on this commonplace earth with basically nothing and assume to leave with nothing. Why frantic of so solace sweetheart, as we as a whole mindful of the way that no aggregated abundance will go with us on our flight to a different universe?

These brief tales not just urge perusers to stop some unacceptable way of life that the current human mind overflow with pressure, self-image, outrage, disdain, narrow-mindedness, and so forth that creates 95% of our psychological and actual sickness.

Internal Voice

What’s more, powers us to live strain cooker-like mental tension, which constrains our inopportune downfall. Going against the norm, this book proposes the ways of emerging from such psychological instability and leading a pressure-free, sound, and blissful life, that lets us live 10 years of additional fit and fine life before takeoff from this experiencing full human planet.


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