How To Manage Logistics Operations With The Help Of Custom ERP 

How To Manage Logistics Operations With The Help Of Custom ERP 

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Custom ERP: What Is It And How Can It Benefit Organizations

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. This is a type of software responsible for the automation, integration, analysis, and management of business processes across a logistics enterprise based on a unified database. Due to the large number of tasks covered, ERP is often associated with a central nervous system of a company.

Custom ERP, in its nature, is not different from ERP itself. It stands for the same tasks within an enterprise but is developed keeping in mind exclusively the needs of a client company. The main benefit of custom software is greater efficiency and capability to solve issues that a readymade solution may fail at.

Main Benefits Of Custom ERP For Logistics

Logistics сompany is a large ecosystem responsible for efficient transportation and storage of goods from the point of their origin to the movement they reach a customer. Businesses that optimize their logistics processes with a custom ERP will appreciate the following positive changes.

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Reduced Cost

Custom ERP can help your company switch to a cost-saving mode mainly to its excellent planning, forecasting, and tracking ability. With ERP implementation, fewer tasks need human intervention. It leads to staff reduction and large money savings.

Decreased Chances Of Human Error

One of the greatest benefits of custom logistics ERP is the ability to relieve your stress by reducing the risks of human mistakes. By storing all information in one unified place, the software empowers you to automate multiple tasks prone to manual entry errors.

Improved Business Intelligence

A single-dashboard enterprise resource planning software allows managers, distributors, drivers, and suppliers to track inbound and outbound logistics processes. It makes the entire logistics process more fluent and transparent to business leaders. The availability of all the necessary information regarding delivery status, customer details, and distributors facilitates the problem-solving processes. Leaders of logistics businesses have a better image of delivery trends, the causes of delivery delays, reasons for clients escalations, and the best ways for handling them effectively.

Better Workforce Decisions

The logistics business is not all about cargo and vehicles, it’s also about people that stand behind them. Drivers, dispatchers, warehouse managers, and department heads — all contribute to a seamless functioning of a logistic enterprise. Custom logistic ERP is designed keeping in mind the track of human resources. Implementation of ERP gives managers reports on employee performance allowing them to make impartial workforce decisions.

Advanced Scalability

Ambitious logistics business owners would appreciate the ease of scalability that custom enterprise resource planning software offers. A logistics software tailored according to a particular company’s needs creates optimal conditions for further scaling.

Custom ERP Real Life Examples From Rexsoft

It seems like the importance of optimization of logistics operations with the help of ERP is pretty obvious. Regarding the range of benefits, this logistics software carries, many business owners expect the above-the-cloud development price. Well, can things get really costly, and are they costly at all? It all depends. Let’s quit the guessing game and see some real calculations on the example of logistics ERP developed by logistics software development company Rexsoft.

So, the task of the Rexsoft developers was to create software for a company occupied with the transportation of used cars. The key functionality included the following:

  • Customers smooth contact with a dispatcher;
  • Ability to upload and share media files (e.g. attaching pictures to requests);
  • Sending requests to drivers;
  • Tracking feature to watch the driver movement;
  • The ability of a customer to watch the condition of a vehicle and send requests signed with e-signature.

This logistics mobile app development took 6 specialists and 1100 hours of dedicated work to complete the project.

IT architect – 40 hours

Project Manager  – 80 hours.

Application designer – 200 hours.

Front-end development – 360 hours

Back-end development – 320 hours

QA – 110 hours.

Regarding time, rates, the size of the development team as well as the functionality stuffing, the development cost of this particular logistics software is $40.000. Other logistics ERP examples from the Rexsoft team are  Brokcars, iMovie, and BUSON.

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