Skills That Can Make You A Good Slot Player

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When slots were invented in the 19th century, they were created to be as simple as possible. In fact, they needed no strategy and were designed to have mass appeal. All you needed to do was to pull a lever to generate a slot spin and if the symbols lined up favourably, you would win some cash.

Things haven’t changed too much in the 21st century, instead of levers you press buttons and instead of interacting with a physical machine, you now press a button on a virtual or land-based slot machine and a computer chip known as an RNG creates the slot spin for you. Whether you need any skills to play modern-day virtual slots at is up for debate. Can certain individuals be better at slots than others? The answer is no, because it is all down to luck. Individuals who come armed with a huge bankroll, obviously have an advantage over your average gambler.

Random Spins and Random Wins

As already mentioned, slots do not need any particular skill sets to be played by those who choose to play them, and all slot spin results are randomly generated and not created by player actions. The only time skills come into slot playing is when it comes to things like budgeting and simple mathematics.

Controlling Your Bankroll

A good slots player will have control over their spending and their casino bankroll. They will know when they can afford to bet high and when they should be betting low. A good slots player would also be able to judge when it is time to either stop spinning or cash in their winnings. Competent slots players eventually master the art of juggling their financers to make sure everything gets paid when it should and that they only bet with disposable income.

Basic Maths

Slots are all about numbers, whether it is keeping track of what you have won or what you have lost. You also need to be capable of applying basic maths to your gaming if you want to understand the winning potential of the game you are playing. If you go by RTP slot game percentages, then you have to be able to roughly figure out how much you might expect to win when you factor in your stake against the percentage score of a certain slot. Before you spin a slot you also have to select your stake and, in some cases, you can even alter the amount of pay lines that you want to be active.

Cognitive Enhancement

When you play slots, you take in a lot of information all at once. There is the visual aspect of the game you are playing. Here you have to look out for the most valuable symbols and keep track of them as they land on the reels. Then you have to keep track of the bonus symbols that trigger bonus rounds as well. Whilst all this is happening, you also need to continuously keep. track of your bankroll.

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