Best Nature Themed Slots

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When you look at the background and the graphics, or maybe symbols of some slots, you see Forest, Plants, Bamboo, Thunderstorm, Flowers, Swamp, Rivers, Waterfall, Trees, Insects, Animals, that’s a nature-themed slot.

Nature-themed slot as the name suggests is built around natural elements – play at Mr Luck. They’re soothing, and watching them can calm a troubled mind. They’re also pleasuring and good picks for players who admire the beauty of nature. Want to know the best nature-themed slots? Then keep scrolling as we have some hot choices for you.

1. Beautiful Nature

The name of this game already gave way to indicate the kind of game that it is. Beautiful Nature is a slot by Bally Wulff. The game is both Animal and Flower themed. The unique nature like symbols in the game include cats, roses, a beautiful garden, cans of water, birds chapping around. There are butterflies in beautiful colours, adding to the relaxation that this game brings.

2. Beetle Jewels

Beetle Jewels is forest-themed, a projection of the night light up with fireflies. You’ll find nettles like symbols, and some have a jewel lookalike. With splashes of sand here and there, you’d love the feel of this 3D labelled slot.

3. Butterfly Staxx

Net Ent sure proved to understand the sensation that nature brings with the setting of this game. Butterflies and flowers out in this game. Fireflies can be seen rounding their beauty, the ambience that the game creates will make any player who loves nature fall in love with it. Mountains surrounded by sunset, visuals are blessed with petals of magic, and the symbols crafted into butterflies, sure an incredible feeling.

Lovers of nature themed slots should look out for the following:

§  Animals

Various Nature themed slots have different types of animals in it depending on which one is preferred. If you love cats, beautiful Nature is your go-to. Some slots feature gorillas, lion, dogs, panda. In addition to animals, there are insects based slots, and these feature butterflies, bugs, bees. Some players would prefer Animal themed slots to any other.

§  Flowers

While Animals were mentioned, there are also flowers. Flowers presents nature-themed slots in a way that any player would almost not deny. When you see roses, hibiscus, daffodils all around your screen with insects chirping on them, it may be not easy to ignore.

§  Water

Water is another element of nature that some slots are built around. Rivers, ocean, lakes, ponds, beaches are what you’ll find here. An adventurous player wouldn’t mind being there all day. Land is also another feature of Nature turned slots, then there’s hills and mountains.

Some players find the pleasure that exploration and travelling give them in these slots the reason they’re stuck with them. It creates a king of mystery which is why some slots combine all these slots offer an absolute leisure feeling for any player that wants to have a feel and new touch that’ll last for a long time. Talk about leisure. Nature themed slots are worth checking out for real.

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