Should I Repaint My House’s Exterior Before Selling It in San Francisco, CA?

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If you are thinking about selling your San Francisco home in 2022, then you have a long to-do list of tasks before you can get that sold sign up. It’s not always easy to know which tasks you absolutely must get done, and which ones you can pass on. Updating your home so it looks its best to appeal to potential buyers is a must, and you might be wondering if painting the outside of your home, and improving what’s called its curb appeal, is necessary. Asking a professional San Francisco real estate agent is one definite way to know for sure, but there are some factors to consider.

Know the signs that you need to paint

While any home could benefit from a fresh coat of paint, if your home was recently painted, chances are you can skip painting the exterior. If you want to give your home a new look, but your exterior paint is in good condition, painting the front door is one way to make a change without a major investment. There are, however, some clear signs that you need to paint your home. If your home’s exterior paint has faded from sun exposure, then it’s definitely time to update it. Flaking or peeling paint is another reason to hire a contractor, as is any mold or mildew damage. And, you’ll need to think beyond your own house, how your house compares to others on your block matters too. House painting trends change year after year, and your real estate agent can advise you about whether your house needs a refresh to fit in with the others nearby.

Consider the costs and ROI

To paint a home right, you have to hire a professional, and the cost may be more than you expected. There are many factors that go into the cost of your home such as the size, the type of paint you use, and the hourly rate for the painter you hire. According to, hiring a professional to paint your home’s exterior could cost between $3,700 and $9,750. That means if there aren’t compelling reasons to paint your home, you may want to skip this project and leave it for the next owner to take care of. If painting is a must, the good news is that the real estate experts at HomeLight say that you could get a 152 percent return on your investment, bringing in more for your home at sale time.

Repair first to save time and money

Before you start any exterior painting project, you’ll want to have your home’s interior unexpected to make sure repairs are taken care of before the project gets started. The last situation you want is to realize that repairs need to happen and then you need to repaint sections to cover up the repairs. A home inspection is one way to determine if it’s a good idea to repaint your home before selling.

With this background in mind, you’ll be on your way to deciding if it’s a must to repaint your home before putting your home on the market.

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