N95 respirator masks in USA

Who makes N95 respirator masks in USA?

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N95 respirator masks made in USA are very popular all around the world. People trust American brands for acquiring N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment. However, since the demand for N95 masks is increasing every day, healthcare workers are facing a severe shortage of these masks. To address this problem, many American-based startup companies have been launched ensuring wide manufacturing of the N95 masks. As many of them are operating online only so they are unable to find potential buyers.

This article is written to help our readers find the most reliable N95 mask retailers in the USA. Also, it intends at helping these retailers find some potential buyers. So, let’s begin.


Let’s start with a company that has already made it to one of the articles in the New York Times. DemeTech is a medical device company that made surgical sutures and hernia mesh before the pandemic. It offers both N95 and surgical face masks and is one of only a few companies offering N95s directly to the public (at least while supplies last; media attention seems to have boosted sales).

United States Mask

United States Mask, like DemeTech, tried hard to get its N95 masks to those who wanted them the most. In 2020, partners John K. Bielamowicz and David Baillargeon started their business in Fort Worth, Texas, intending to address PPE shortages. But the local county officials chose N95 masks made in China when they finally had merchandise. However, when the owners shared their story with the Dallas Morning News, it sparked widespread interest. On its website, the company now sells small amounts of its masks every day.

Protective Health Gear

For its efforts to scale up N95 mask production, this New Jersey manufacturer has been featured in media outlets such as CNN, NBC, and The Wall Street Journal. The company claims to produce more than 1 million N95 masks a month.

Protective Health Gear prioritizes sales to frontline staff, although it does sell a small portion of its items on its website.

ALG Health

ALG Health is a new company, established exclusively in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the company produces many types of N95 masks at its factory in Northwest Ohio, it calls its N95 respirator the “Patriot Mask.” According to ALG Health, all of its masks are Berry Amendment compliant, and the company also provides a private label service that allows consumers to customize their mask orders. While the company does not sell directly to the public on its website, bulk orders can be found here. It is one of the most trusted brands for buying N95 face masks made in USA


At the start of the pandemic, Honeywell was one of the major companies that greatly increased the production of N95 masks. It increased mask production at a plant in Arizona and expanded operations at a facility in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Although Honeywell has partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services to get N95s to frontline staff and replenish the national stockpile, the company also sells the goods on its website.

Apart from these five companies, many other retailers also provide N95 masks made in USA. However, these are the top-rated brands. To make it even easier for you, we recommend you visit medicalsupplyall.com. They have a wide variety of different types of face-covering or masks and that too from all the top-rated brands. You can access all the brands on a single website, what is easier than that? So, hurry up and visit the website now. Check out their wide variety and get what you like.

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