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Rekindle the Love and Romance With These Feng Shui Tips

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Feng Shui offers useful tips to improve existing relationships as well as increase your chances of meeting your ideal partner. Before you make any feng shui changes to your home to maximize your chances of finding your ideal partner or improving an existing relationship, there is an important step that needs to be taken. You must know exactly what you want. Your intention is very important for the new relationship. Feng Shui = Intention + Energy + RituaIf you are looking for more love, romance and partnership in your life, Feng Shui can help.

Don’t bring work into your bedroom

Avoid keeping any wok related furniture in your bedroom be it laptop, work table or dont use much of you phone while you are in your bedroom. These remind you of the need to constantly check office and email. When you are engaged in work, you are less likely to pay attention to your partner which ultimately disrupts your romance.

Refresh your bed sheets and linens

A s per some of the best feng shui experts having new bedsheets and linens can take your romance to a new level and it fresh up your relationship too. Others tell you to use colors like white, bright green, or pink to warm up your relationship and to avoid red because it can burn your relationship. Do consider this as some might feel this is for short term but trust us, it is tried and tested and it truly works.

Select the Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

You should also consider the color of bedroom walls to enhance your love life. Remember, the bedroom has a strong relationship with intimacy and romance. It should never be neglected. According to Feng Shui gurus, pink is the color of love and light blue is also good for intimate relationships. Avoid dark and bright colors and avoid paintings in your room. Go for colors you are attracted to.

Bring Yin Energy to Your Bedroom

Yin energy helps people to relax. So you need to bring this energy into your bedroom by using dim lights, soft music and colors that induce relaxation. Since it will help you to relax, it will eventually bring you and your partner to connect intimately.

Add pink to your love area and/or your bedroom.

Pink represents love and fire energy, both of which can enhance your relationship. You don’t need to be able to see pink for this enhancement to work: You can put colored paper in a drawer or under furniture and you’ll get a boost of energy. But if you love pink and it fits into your decor, then by all means add it! New sheets and bed linens can bring new, fresh energy to your relationship and can help you call if you’re looking for a mate.

If you’re up for it, buying pink sheets is even better! Pink can be a very relaxing color, and will, again, spark your romance.

Bedside furniture should be symmetrical

Like many of the other tips listed here, this tip is more from a modern feng shui approach. Furniture should be the same on both sides of the bed as it promotes a sense of equality and a notion of partnership. No one has extra space on a nightstand, and there really isn’t a better side of a bed. It seems to me that fighting for a couple is really one less thing.

Add happy photo of yourself and your partner

If you are married or in a relationship, then you can put happy pictures of yourself and your partner around the house. This includes the kitchen, hallway or any high-traffic area. Although I don’t think it’s feng shui related, we agree that reminiscing about happy times together creates inner positive energy that will foster intimacy between you and your partner.

Put flowers in bedroom decor

Flowers can bring “Peach Blossom Luck”. Singles who want to bring love in their life should keep the peon in a vase and keep it in their living room. This practice will soon bring in their lives.

Don’t put a mirror in front of the bed

According to Feng Shui, you should avoid mirrors in you room as it might be a cause of problems in your relationship. Having mirrors in your room brings negative energy and it can directly impact your relationship with your partner.

Use artifacts depicting love

These artworks can range from paintings to other types of home decor. As mentioned earlier, they are best suited for bedrooms and sometimes bathrooms. Artifacts with a pair of Mandarin Duck are one of the most popular, famous and widely used traditional feng shui cures for love. Its our suggestion that you choose the artwork that you like the most.

So, if you wish to enhance love and romance in your relationship, do consider these tips and give a special surprise by sending floweraura valentines day gifts to your beloved.

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