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5 Reasons You Need to Have Your Podcasts Transcribed

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Podcasting connects you to your clients on a personal level, enabling you to build a strong network, communicate better, and intensify your brand’s unique voice. Interestingly, podcasting can’t compare with blogging regarding efficiency and ROIs. Blogging is easier, quicker, and cost-effective. It delivers higher SEO benefits and stronger audience connection. Podcasters don’t have to double as bloggers to perfect their marketing game. With well-versed and competent transcribers, it’s possible to convert your podcasts into high-quality, easy-to-read, and engaging blog content.

The Undeniable Benefits of Podcast Transcription

Podcast transcription is the transformation of audio into word-for-word documents. Converting your audio-first medium episodes into decipherable blog content allows those battling hearing loss issues to enjoy your podcasts. Transcription makes your podcast episodes more accessible to non-native speakers, ultimately boosting your audience reach. However, podcast transcription is a time-consuming exercise, and failing to meet the minimum quality standards can render your content unusable. There are many reasons to have your podcasts transcribed, and we’ll discuss them in the following section.

Boosts Your Podcasts’ SEO

Most podcasters have their podcast episodes posted on their websites embedded with their name or business name. While your podcast can grow popular with reviews on iTunes and social networks, it becomes easier for clients to find the episodes when transcribed into word-for-word content. Transcribers include unique phrases and keywords in your content, which clients can search to find your podcasts. Now, when you post transcriptions of podcasts on your website, you’ll optimize the content for readers and search engines.

Boosts Content Accessibility Online

Podcasts aren’t accessible to specific groups of people, especially those with hearing problems. Also, people who don’t understand your language and those with challenges focusing on audio stimuli may as well have issues consuming your podcast content. Everyone with limited situational accessibility to audio needs a different version of your content. And that’s why you should use https://gotranscript.com/transcription-services/podcast-transcription to convert your audio into word-for-word text.

Encourages Content Sharing

Sharing audio content on social media is time-consuming and sometimes ineffective. Besides, many people on social media aren’t ready to spend hours listening to podcasts. To expand your audience and ensure more people engage with your content, you must convert it into a sharable format. Professional transcribers can turn your podcasts into sharable blog posts, which you can easily share on Facebook and Twitter. With the appropriate phrases and keywords in your transcribed content, social media users will be able to search for it easily.

Helps You Get More Out of Your Content

Transcribers make you realize more value from your audio. Podcasters share multiple ideas and topics within a few-minute session. Transcripts have valuable captions and ideas which transcribers can use to create high-quality blog posts. You can create engaging social media posts, blog articles, speaker quotes, episode descriptions, and product reviews from podcasts. Extracting all this valuable content from a podcast optimizes your marketing campaigns and enables you to reach more people with minimal effort and less investment.

Aids Conversion of Audio Into Video

A significant percentage of online users prefer visuals over audio and written posts. In fact, most social media users would choose to watch videos over reading books. The growing trend of captivating visuals is an added benefit to markets that leverage videos. Podcasters can easily convert audio into videos provided they hire qualified transcribers specialized in such niches. Do not forget that video content is easier to share on social media platforms.

Audios attract minimal engagement, and poorly transcribed content can stay unread for months. Work with experienced transcribers to ensure your content gets all the valuable features that would make it highly converting.


As a podcaster, you can’t rely entirely on audio content to reach out to all your clients and make your services or products known to a global audience. Podcasts are limiting because they don’t address your audience’s preferences and situational needs. As a matter of fact, podcasts deny people with hearing problems the opportunity to access the content.

Additionally, podcasts on their own are not SEO-optimized. Transcriptions will allow internet users to discover your episodes. The benefits of hiring transcribers are many, and above are just a few of the many reasons for you to get your podcasts transcribed.

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