Reasons Why is my SEO not working

4 Reasons Why is my SEO not working?

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After reading hundreds of articles, and learned a lot about SEO best practices, your SEO isn’t working.


Thinking… I have published a lot of blog posts and made them SEO optimized with Keywords, Long tail keywords, LSI Keywords, and all that. But still, why is my SEO not working? My website is not ranking on Google’s 1st page.

Reasons Why is my SEO not working?

You have hired someone to manage your website backend, off-page SEO, and on-page SEO. But still, you aren’t getting results.

Nowadays Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines are changing their algorithms frequently to serve better user experience.

  1. We all know slow loading site may be the biggest reason why your site SEO isn’t working. Use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to check your website speed. Because Google also wants to rank fast-loading websites higher than slow-loading sites to provide a better user experience. A slow loading site is frustrating to your customers, they want to explore your website pages fast to get desired information quickly, mostly on mobile devices.

  2. Your Web Hosting Sucks, As I said website loading speed could be slow because of slow hosting, which will really be going to take time in loading website pages. Cheap hosting may be cheaper but it will affect your website SEO.

  3. A SEO marketing plan will help you to manage your online presence and create a step-by-step process to improve your organic traffic and search rankings. If you don’t have these, then your SEO is not going to work. A Digital Marketing Agency can also help you create your SEO Strategies.

  4. If you are only focusing on High competitive keywords, high difficulty keywords, then you are losing a lot of search engine traffic. For example, if you want to rank on a keyword “SEO” and you use the same keyword on all your posts, pages.

But let me tell you one thing, “SEO” is a highly competitive keyword. You will have to target more Long-tail keywords with “SEO”, What is SEO, How to do SEO, What is SEO Marketing, What does SEO stand for, etc.

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