Reason! Why Stock Android and Android one failed

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In the age of smartphone more than 70% mobile market is covered by Android smartphone. Most of the smartphone users are using android smartphone in their daily. In this time the first task of the day of many smartphone users is become to watch the smartphone screen. When people woke up then people watch the screen to see the time, Facebook message & notifications and message in messenger.

If we talk about the Android smartphones then most of us are using it as favorite operating system. Like varieties in operating system like Windows, iOS, Android. We can also get the types in Android like Stock Android, Android One, Android Go & Custom Android. So, here we are going to talk about why Stock Android and Android one failed or not get success as compared to Custom android.

Among the various reason behind why Stock Android and Android one failed is Customization. If we talk about stock android then we can find clean and smooth user interface, no bloatware is found and easy to use as compared to custom ui.

Stock android is a neat and clean android os form the side of Google. Basically, stock android is found in Pixels phone from Google, Motorola mobiles, some in Nexus and in A series of Xiaomi. We can get most common features in Android one os also.

Android one was announced by Google in 2014 by making target for Mid-range mobiles to provide updates for 2-3 years. Nokia mobile is the good examples of mobile company using Android one in their smartphones. We can find Android one in Nokia 1,2,3 series and also in Nokia .1 series like Nokia 5.1, 6.1, 3.1 etc.

Although we Android one smartphone can get a software updates for 2-3 years, only few users accept this as best for them. The main reason to choose custom ui instead of Stock android and Android one is customization. Nowadays, the demand of people is changed to customization.

Users wants more customization and app features in their smartphones. We can see that many smartphones company are running in custom skin rather than stock android, android one & android go. In custom android, users get a more freedom to choose the customization options and customize their smartphones as their choice.

If we talk about stock android then we can’t get additional app features to make a more utility to our smartphones. We can get screen recording app, code scanner, themes store etc. as a default and inbuilt apps which makes users to keep on involving in custom ui rather than stock android.

Also, in One Plus smartphones we can get a theme just like stock android but the features are as like custom ui. We are talking about Oxygen OS.

In this time the users who want a stock android looks are preferring a Oxygen OS because in this OS users get more customization features in stock android skin. Oxygen OS is also a custom ui but here we get a skin as like stock android and features of custom ui.

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Another reason for why Stock Android and Android one failed as compared to custom android is Profit and Market competition. Nowadays, almost all smartphones company are using custom ui instead of stock android to make more profit and earn more than other competitors.

The main reason behind for not choosing stock android by many mobile manufacturing companies is customization. If mobile company use stock android then they can not customize the skin and use the ads in stock android skin. So, they choose custom skin and add ads to make a profit.

Market competition is also another reason for shifting to custom ui instead of stock android. In today’s date due to large market competition smartphone companies are in compulsion to launch the smartphones running custom skin to run in the market.

Because the demand of customer is custom skin smartphones as compared to stock android. If we examine the market demand then majority of buyer ask wants to choose more features in best price or more features in less price. So, custom android is the best choice for the users wanting more customization in their phones.

If we talk about the custom ui then there are many brands using custom skin. Samsung use Samsung experience One UI, Oppo use Color OS, Asus use Zen UI, Vivi use Funtouch OS & One Plus use Oxygen OS.

As like stock android it has additionally a few constraints like non ordinary updates and hard to utilize. There is less possibility of getting fresher android form refreshes in custom ui when contrasted with stock android. In custom ui cell phones get custom variant updates like Redmi Note 8 Pro having MIUI 10 will get Updates of MIUI 11 however less opportunity to get Android 10 From Android 9. MIUI, EMUI, One UI, Oxygen OS, Zen UI and so forth are the instances of custom ui.

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