How To Increase Your MUSCLE MASS

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Do you want to increase your muscle mass and are you interested in knowing which is the most effective way? We have prepared practical tips for you to develop muscle successfully.


Numerous studies have shown that a weight that you are able to lift a maximum of 8-12 times is the most effective in increasing the volume of muscle mass. Depending on the type of exercise and your level, that amounts to 60-80% of your maximum performance in one repetition (that is, the highest weight you can lift in a single round). Many people believe that the only way to build muscle mass is to lift very heavy weights in the gym. However, there are other methods that can help you achieve your goals: workouts with your own weight , for example, are a good option for those who want to start building muscle. Normally it is only necessary to train with very heavy material when it has reached a very high level or you want to do bodybuilding.


The ideal number of series is a very popular topic in the world of strength training. The figure varies a lot depending on the level of physical condition: during the first week’s beginners usually get the same results with both the training of a single series and those of multiple series. More advanced athletes have better results when they perform multi-series workouts because the stimulation of single-series training is not strong enough to force the muscles to adapt. Therefore, for those who have already reached a certain level, it is recommended to do multiple series (3-5 or more), while beginners are suggested to do only 2 or 3 series.


In general, it is usually recommended to leave a 48-hour time between workouts, so that the body recoversas it should. It is enough for beginners to do two strength-training sessions a week, while the most advanced can train three to four times a week. Ideally, make a program in which all major muscle groups work and do routine routine workouts to ensure proper muscle recovery. Thus, if you do a divided training of two parts of the body four times a week, you will work the main muscle groups twice a week. Most divided workouts consist of working the upper and lower body separately or dividing the sessions between traction and thrust exercises.


When you start strength training, your resistance will increase but you will not notice major changes in your muscles. This is simply because the increase in initial strength is due to better inter and intramuscular coordination (activation and interaction between your muscles are optimized). The training block should last at least eight or twelve weeks and should adjust to the resistance that is being developed. That is, if you can repeat the same exercise more than twelve times after two weeks, you should increase the weight or choose a more intense exercise for that muscle group. The most important thing is to adapt the training stimulus, to ensure that it is strong enough to produce a physiological change in our muscles.

Additionally, here are some important tips to squeeze out the results in hypertrophy and muscle definition in a Vegan way.

So, some of the points I am going to comment may seem strange, but just try it and you will see that you notice improvements in the medium-long term.

Without more, let’s do it:

Volume phase and definition

The most common in programming a routine is to break it down into 2 points: Volume phase and definition phase.

Well, from my point of view, I recommend minimizing the magnitude of these phases as much as possible, that is, that the volume and definition phase are very aggressive, so that we will try to climb “ clean ”, trying to keep with a relatively low% fat throughout the year. You will wonder why, so here I explain:

The definition phase will be less aggressive: If the% of fat is controlled, when the competition approaches we will not need a very drastic fat loss process, and this is beneficial because aggressive definitions produce metabolic disorders such as metabolic slowdown, decreased metabolism, testosterone, higher cortisol levels …

An aggressive volume phase produces metabolic damage: When we eat an uncontrolled hypercaloric diet, with foods typical of the volume phases such as refined flours, sweets or other caloric foods and unhealthy fats (something very common), hyperplasia can be caused adipocyte, which is basically an increase in adipocytes (cells where fat is stored), and then we will not be able to eliminate, which means:

⇧% body fat & ⇧ difficulty reducing it

Simply put, the phases of wild volume will make us more and more likely to store fat, more likely to have difficulty eliminating it, and this translates into more intense training, more diet and more work and effort on all sides. So, if you want to get performance and efficiency to your programming, I recommend that you consider this aspect.

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