Glass Shower Enclosure for Bathroom

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning a Shower Enclosure

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Your choice of installing shower enclosures will have a huge impact on your mornings for the coming years, so you need to consciously consider just what’s right for you.

There are several considerations to consider when choosing the right glass shower enclosure, including your bathroom style and measurements, your personal needs, the needs of your family, and your interests.

Below are questions that you must ask to attain the best glass shower enclosure for your bathroom.

  • How Much Space Is Available?

Some bathrooms certainly won’t be able to handle a full-size bath and you’ll need to think about the market’s bathroom dimensions and carefully measure your space to see if any can look right.

If your bathroom is of a certain size, you may essentially have to install a shower and not a bath. To make the best possible use of space, select an enclosure with sliding shower doors and high-quality shower door sealants.

  • Who Will Use The Shower?

First, identify who is going to use the shower, and potentially in the future. With this, you can assess how large your enclosure is going to be. Not only that, but it will also give a better idea of the adjustments that you want to include in the design configuration.

This is highly relevant when operating an aging-in-place arrangement with an older loved one or someone who has a physical disability in your family.

  • What Would You Like, Realistically?

Some have fast-paced, active lives, and just don’t have the time each morning to take a relaxing drink. You wouldn’t want to cut yourself off from the period-efficiency of a shower enclosure if you are one of those racy individuals. Likewise, if you’re a more relaxed person who requires a refuge of rest in the morning, you apparently can’t want to constrain yourself to the noisy shower rush.

  • What Type Of Layout Of Your Bathroom Require?

Strict protection laws regulate the bathroom system are in effect. In terms of electrical fittings, these are especially strict.

To figure out where you can put your bath or tub, you’ll need to check the bathroom safety guidelines. This will influence whether you can install a shower tub or a bath in the space when you need to keep water fittings away from electrical equipment such as lamps.

  • Do I Walk Straight In Or Sideways?

Although some may think this is an interesting thing to ask, in truth this question aids in the process of design and decision making. Individuals who head right into a tub require more room than those who walk sideways. Likewise, space has to be bigger if more than one individual is to use the bathroom at a time.

  • How Will The Door Of My Shower Enclosure Open?

There are many ways that your shower enclosure will open the lid. You may choose either a revolving door or a sliding door, the most common one being the latter. Swinging doors are also widely common in custom-made shower enclosures. If you are looking for the best shower door, go get a custom national shower door company like GCS Glass.

Although it is a matter of choice, looking into the available bathroom space is still a smart idea. You’d be better off for the sliding one if a revolving door struck a wall, sink, or toilet.

  • Framed or Frameless?

One of the greatest choices you’ll make with your glass shower enclosure is whether to go for a framed or frameless one, which means whether it derives its form from a metal frame or the width of the glass itself. Both have benefits and drawbacks. You should do some homework in advance but generally, the decision will come down to your design tastes and budget.

When you’re in the planning phase, though, ask which sort of enclosure will fit better for your idea.


As one of the area’s leading bathroom remodeling firms, B&L Glass has the expertise and skills required to effectively turn your bathroom into a luxury space while providing excellent quality and care throughout. If you need basic attachments or a glass shower enclosure, our pros will make it all possible.

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